Wood Floors Cleaners

My name is Olivia Mia, a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur. With my team we are dedicated to give you ideas and tips on safe and  impeccable cleaning of your wooden flooring. This include what products to use, right technique and other care and maintenance skills. We are here to ensure that your hardwood floor is remaining beautiful, durable and shiny all the time.

Why I created this Website

Wooden flooring is becoming the most popular in homes. It is not only a gorgeous treasure , but also a durable investment. Unlike other types of floor, wood is delicate and can easily get damaged with water, incorrect cleaners, and bad cleaning methods.

Perfect cleaning is one of the known ways of care and maintaining a hardwood floor. Poor cleaning practices that involves use of wrong products and bad cleaning techniques can wreck havoc on your wood floor. A damaged hardwood floor is expensive to restore or replace.

We therefore came up with great  insights on how to clean hardwood floors effectively, the best products to use and other caring and maintenance tips for a beautiful and lasting hardwood floors. We have gone to an extend of using and testing products and cleaning methods we recommended to our dear readers.

I gained experience in this area right from the day I stepped into Cleaning Professional Academy where I horned my skills in cleaning. There after I joined voluntary cleaning services and later as a consultant.

I came to appreciate how perfect cleaning pays when one day my family of 3 and our Labrador retriever was moving into a home that had an old wooden flooring. There were scratches all over the surface finish, lingering odor coming from an old area rug in the living room and the whole floor looked old and damaged.

I employed my skills and tried several methods and products that eventually paid. Within a week, it was just incredible that I had managed to restore the floor and made it to look new again. This gave me a motivation to enlighten people on the right thing to do for perfect cleaning of a hardwood floor.

A lot of families have been sharing with me what they undergo as far as wood cleaning is concerned. This also made me to gather enough experience and information which I also felt to be important to reach you and many of my friends.

Key areas we have highlighted:

  • How to clean hardwood floors (technique)
  • Best hardwood floor cleaners (products and machines)
  • Care and Maintenance of hardwood floors
  • Hardwood floor beautification

Read our blog to get all answers to your questions as far as cleaning of a hardwood floor is concerned, care and maintenance. Feel free to be part of our team by contributing to our information. You can leave a comment or send us more content through our contact page.

Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you again