About us

My name is Olivia Mia. I am a home decor and cleaning expert who also own a hardwood floor. I have all it takes to ensure your wooden floor remains in good shape all the time for years and years. In this website I focus on:-

  • Safe Hardwood Floor Cleaning
  • Care & Maintenance of Wood floor
  • Wood floor Decor & Beautification

Wooden floors are beautiful, timeless, and a treasure. They are durable, strong and usually adds value to a home. It takes a fortune to install a hardwood floor and thus very important to give them the best care and protection.

Cleaning and maintenance of a hardwood floor is one simple practice that can protect your investment. It all lies in the methods and products used. There are plenty of both commercial and homemade wood floor cleaners but only a handful can give satisfactory results.

While hardwood floors can last for centuries, how you care for them matters a lot. How do you clean and protect them from water or liquid spills? Water is the greatest enemy of any wooden flooring boards. In our guide, we have explained how you can protect your hardwood floor from water, moisture and other liquids.

Investing in a good protective polyurethane finish will save you the cost of repairing warped or buckled hardwood floors or the agony of reinstalling the entire floor. We have recommended some of the best finishes that will not disappoint.

Wood is naturally beautiful thanks to the grain colors and hues. How do you make these amazing features outstanding? We have recommended on various products and techniques of making your hardwood floor to remain beautiful, durable and inviting.

While planing to upgrade your home, I know how difficult it is to choose the best hardwood flooring for your project. Since hardwood flooring comes in plenty of styles, colors and designs, choice of a hardwood flooring material can be confusing. Together with my team, we have given plenty of ideas as far as this is concerned.

I would like you to be part of this course, share with us your experience with hardwood flooring. Also give someone else a chance to get a piece of this cake by simply hitting your share button.