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Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors [2020 Reviews]

Steam cleaning is a natural methods of cleaning wooden floors by using hot water vapor.

Steaming completely removes germs, bacteria, grime and tough stains that exist on surfaces. A good steam mop should do this without damaging your floor.

You should exercise caution when steam cleaning a hardwood floor to avoid water pooling on the floor.

Moisture or any liquid can get absorbed into the wood through any tiny openings and crevices on the surface and areas where finish is not consistent causing wood to swell, twist and warp .

We have reviewed the following as top rated steam cleaners based on versatility, heating time, tank size, key features and user ratings.

Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors


BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer, Tile Cleaner, and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1940, Blue Powerfresh

The BISSELL PowerFresh is a quality steam mop that has great performance in cleaning.

This versatile steam and floor cleaner machine has high cleaning capabilities even with dried on dirt and can also be used multiple surfaces including tiles.

The ease of use, versatility and reasonable price makes it the best-selling on amazon.

Design and features

  • 23 feet long power cord
  • Removable tank
  • 6 pounds weight


  • Faster and powerful heating feature that makes it ready to use in 30 seconds.
  • It has three levels of steam control, low, medium and high and you can choose based on your need.
  • The machine uses only steam to clean and sanitize hardwood floors. It does not require cleaning chemicals or solutions.
  • Has an easy scrubber brush that flips down suitable for tough spots and hardened gunk
  • It comes with two replaceable mop pads that has fragrance pockets, a soft pad for regular cleaning and a scrubby one for tough spots and dirt
  • The 23 feet power cord is long enough for a wider cleaning range
  • Removable water tank makes it convenient to fill over the sink and it lasts longer
  • Bissell PowerFresh comes with fragrance discs which can be inserted under the mop pad to make your hardwood floor smell good
  • Suitable for various floor types including tiles and the swivel steering make easy to use
  • Mop pad cloth fits around the head completely creating a bumper that prevents scratching floor edges, walls and furniture legs
  • It skills household germs
  • Light and easy to carry around
  • Easy to assemble and quiet while cleaning
  • Few swipes only to clean dried up dirt
  • Covered by a 2-year warranty


  • The hardwood floor took a little longer to dry especially when you use the highest steam mode. This can be an issue when your floor is not properly sealed.


O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop with 1 Extra Refill

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop is a budget friendly, versatile and efficient steam mop for cleaning hardwood floors.

Cushioned triangular mop head makes it unique and easy to use in corners. It comes with attachment for spots cleaning carpets. Its light and sturdy build with quality plastic.


  • Takes only 20 seconds to heat water to steam
  • 5 pounds weight makes it suitable to move around with it and can hold more water without
  • The 400ml capacity water tank that is filled with a special cup without spilling or causing mess
  • The mop head is triangular in shape making it fit impressively in corners around molds and furniture.
  • The head swivels at 360 degrees making it easy to maneuver around objects in the room.
  • This Steam Mop has cushioned microfiber pads that protects hardwood floor surface against scratching while cleaning.
  • Versatile and efficient in clearing stains, smears and tough dirt on surfaces.
  • Naturally kills 99.9% of germs and household bacteria using the hot temperature of steam.
  • The constant steam is regulated by a simple on/off switch and most users found it convenient
  • O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop has three levels of steam adjustment, low, medium and high making it suitable for moderate and serious cleaning.
  • It leaves less moisture on the floor making it to dry faster.
  • It has a 2 year warranty.


  • The user may not know when the tank is getting empty due to lack of warning signal
  • Since there is no trigger system, you need to be keen with water levels to ensure you do not damage your machine especially when it is running empty
  • Some buyers have complained about the difficulty of removing stains on pads when washing them.
  • It is mainly plastic and need to be careful handling it.


Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket (S5003D) Steam Mop, Burgundy/Gray

This type of cleaner relies on steam to loosen the stuck-on stains on the floor so that the cleaning pad can remove it with ease.

The steam is dissipated by a spray trigger that is re3gulated by the digital steam controls on the handheld. This allows you to control the amount of steam to use on different floor types in three steam modes.

The steam produced by the cleaner is distributed along the surface of the cleaning to cover a large surface area for faster cleaning. The cleaner comes with two cleaning pads that you can remove, wash and reuse later.

The cleaning pads are two; one is a soft microfiber pad for use on soft stuck-on stains and soft floor types. The other pad is made of microfiber and has hard scrubbing strips for use on hard stuck on stains.

It also comes with a tangle-free long enough cord that allows you to move along a larger radius while cleaning larger rooms.

Steam is not only designed to just clean stains and dirt, but it is also designed to kill bacteria and allergens on the floor and this helps protects you and your pet from the risks of catching diseases.

When dealing with this type of cleaner, you do not have to come into contact with the yucky dirt debris; you just press a button to release the dirt grip pad into the hamper. 


  • It is considerably cheaper than most vacuum cleaners.
  • The steam technology also kills bacteria and allergens.
  • Relies on tangle-free long cord to allow you to clean larger square4 footage.
  • It is suitable for use on different types of floors.
  • Has digital steam contro9ls so that you can regulate the amount of steam on the floor type you are working on.
  • It has a hygienic dirt grip pad so that you do not have to touch the unsightly dirt debris.
  • It is small and light and this allows you to maneuver the cleaner with ease.
  • It has a larger water tank capacity, and that means you do not have to keep refilling it. 


  • Not very suitable for picking up pet hairs.
  • It is not designed for use on high above-floor surfaces like the ceiling.
  • The run time is quite considerably shorter compared with other types of cleaners and this makes it unsuitable for heavy-duty cleaning.


Bissell PowerFresh Lift-Off Pet Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Bathroom, Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1544A, Orange

This is the best multipurpose steam mop that is safer and easy to clean homes with pet. BISSELL PowerFresh naturally sanitizes and clean sealed hard wood floors and other surfaces using natural steam. It kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

It comes with 2 pads, a soft microfiber pad for everyday cleaning and a microfiber scrubby pad for sticky mess. In the box you will also find fragrance disc for eliminating bad smell on surfaces. It also include attachable water cup, 13 tools in a tool bag and a microfiber towel.

The 25 feet long power code makes it convenient in covering large areas. Filling the tank is also not a problem. Just like the original Bissell PowerFresh 1940 steam mop, this model also heats up within 30 seconds. The 13 specialized tools can be used to clean other surfaces such as counters, windows, sinks, carpets and more.

It also has a flip-down scrubber that is meant to deal with sticky dirt and spots such as pet mess. Scented discs are suitable to give your surface fresh smell and also to clear pet odors. The microfiber pads are hand or machine washable. The 2 year warranty is important in the event that your machine gets faulty.


  • Has a great cord length for larger coverage
  • Easy to operate and use
  • It has adjustable steam ranging from high to low
  • Comes with lots of attachments for effective functionality
  • Has a good cleaning path width and handles corners well
  • The swivel head makes it easy to maneuver
  • The floors dries quickly after using this steam mop
  • Has reusable and machine washable mop pads
  • Replacement parts are readily available


  • Does not collect dirt and water from any dents found in your floor
  • Not self-propelled and thus need to be pushed around
  • Requires distilled or demineralized water which can be an extra cost
  • Bristles of the grout brush not durable


Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D)

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is a super-heated system that sanitizes your home without using chemical but steam power alone.

It is made with 3 levels of steam control hence giving the user a room to choose depending with the type of floor and intensity of dirt.

Upon using, the floor remains perfectly clean after fast drying. The modern latest model is more efficient and effective with added features.


  • It has a wide large rectangular mop head for faster and easier cleaning
  • Comes with two highly absorbent pads that last longer
  • Has aluminum metal shaft making it strong
  • Heat faster and within 30 seconds steam is ready
  • Got 500ml water tank that holds enough water for larger area or many rooms of cleaning
  • The steam temperature sanitizes your hardwood floor killing germs and bacteria
  • Steam is produced constantly without the need to hold down a trigger
  • It has three modes; Dust, Mop and Scrub
  • Can be set based on the type of wood flooring you are cleaning
  • Can be used on multiple types of floors such as tiles, bamboo, laminate, marble, carpet or stone surfaces


  • The old models of this steam mop was reported to be not durable so go for the latest generation
  • Has delicate parts such as the latch connecting the handle to the steam unit and therefore need to be careful
  • Cloths are not bleached yet they tend to stain
  • Some users have reported breakdown after few months of use


Reliable 300CU Steam Floor Mop - Pro Steamboy mop with 2 Microfiber Pads, 1500W Power of Steam for Tile, Hardwood Floor and Carpets, Fast Heat-Up time, 180-Degree Swivel Head to Reach the Hard Places

Reliable Steamboy is a reliable hardwood floor steam cleaner that protects your floor against germs and bacteria.

The instant moisture sanitized your floor, removes dirt while scrubbing and leaves it sparkling clean. It is a strong performer though not as popular as the other mentioned best steam mops for hardwood floors.


  • It has a compact triangular mop head that fits comfortably in corners and tight spaces
  • Steam produced also reaches all the edges
  • The turning is smooth as compared to the Bissell or Shark which have swivel steering
  • Comes with two thick microfiber pads that reliably cleans well the floor since they capture more dirt at one swipe
  • Reliable Steamboy can also be used variety of floors such as tiles or linoleum
  • Has an integrated scrubber that deals with grout and spots
  • I has an attachment feature for carpet glider that you can use to sanitize spots on carpet
  • It has a replaceable water filter hence can be used with tap water without clogging
  • It heats up faster to produce dry steam that does well on sealed wood floors
  • The hotter steam makes it a reliable sanitizer with high potential of cleaning tougher spots
  • It is made sturdy with a combination of thick plastic and a metal shaft 
  • Has a one year warranty


  • Few users has complained about breakdown after few months of use and we hope the manufacturers have done something about that. There are no other downsides reported.


Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop (S3973D), White

This device utilizes both steam blaster technology and steam control to give amazing results. It is the latest of the Sharks and has added features. Key features

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop has pocket mop pads that are fitted on both sides of the cleaning head, so that when one side gets dirty you can flip and use the other one. The device has a touch free pad so that the user does not use hands to release the mop pads after cleaning.

The device is a lightweight steam mop that weighs 4.8 pounds and 51.2 inches in height. It has a 22 feet long code plus a detachable cleaning heat situated at the bottom. It has a water tank, control buttons and comes with a hose. The rectangular mop head and a triangular scrubber head makes it suitable for floor cleaning.


  • Suitable for cleaning large surface areas, edges and corners
  • The user does not need to dirt the hand while trying to release the mop pads
  • Has steam blaster that caters for stains and obstinate spots
  • The cleaner has three steam setting where the lowest is suitable for hardwood floors
  • High heating power and takes only 30 seconds for steam to form
  • Large water tank of 500ml
  • Comes with a flask that is used for water filling
  • It has 3-feet hose for easy reach on areas above the floor
  • It is easily converted to handheld


  • Fixed water tank that is not removable


BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop and Cleaner, Green Spinwave

This type of vacuum cleaner has removable mopping pads so that you can wash them when they get so dirty after some time.

They come in two pairs so that you can use one pair to clean while the other one dries off. One pair is soft, which is meant for cleaning the soft flooring materials like carpets, while the hard cleaning pair of pads is meant for the hard floor. This allows for the cleaner to be used on multi types of floors.

The cleaner is completely silent and you can use to clean with it even and do not have to wake up a sleeping baby in the room. The pair of pads are designed to spin around while cleaning, something that makes the cleaner suitable for cleaning along the edges of the floor.

It comes with a cleaning formula tank that you can open and refill the tank with water and cleaning formula to be used on hard stains. The cleaning solution is regulated by a trigger button so that you can control the right amount of solution to use on different floor types.

In the box, you also find two cleaning formulas that are meant for use on hard and soft flooring materials. 


  • The cleaner is light so that you maneuver it with ease while cleaning.
  • The package comes with tow cleaning formulas.
  • It is Suitable for cleaning along the edges because of the spinning pads
  • It is silent so you do not have to worry about the noise
  • It does an excellent job on hard sealed floors As well the soft floors.
  • The cleaning solution is easy to open, with just a pop so that you can refill it.
  • Has an on-demand spray trigger to regulate the cleaning solution.
  • It is relatively cheap so you do not have to break a bank.


  • Has quite a short run time of about 20 minutes, which may not be enough to clean a single room.
  • It does not automatically switch between the pads for multi types of floors.


Bissell Steam Mop, Steamer, Tile, Hard Wood Floor Cleaner, 1806, Sapphire Powerfresh Deluxe

This is one of the cheapest vacuum cleaners in the market and is your most preferred choice if you are working on a low budget. The cleaner comes with a tangle-free 25 Ft. cord that allows you to go around the room without limitation.

It also comes with an easy-fill tank that allows you to refill the cleaner with a cleaning solution. The refill tank is also easy to open, with just a popup button. It is also protected against the possibility of the solution to spill on your floor. Most importantly, the cleaner comes with breeze fragrance discs that clear your room of dog odors and leaves it smelling fresh with the breeze scents.

The cleaner comes with two microfiber pads, one with soft microfiber for use on easy stains on soft flooring materials. And one microfiber with hard scrubbing strips for use on hard stains on hard floors. The pads are designed to rotate, thus making the cleaner easier to use along the edges on the floor, which are the hardest to clean.

The cleaner head and the handheld are connected with a spinning joint, making it easy to maneuver in any direction, while cleaning. The cleaner also comes with digital controls for the amount of steam to use on different floor materials, so that you do not damage the hard sealant on hardwood floors.

The cleaner relies on steam that does not just do the cleaning, but it also kills bacteria and allergens on the floor. The cleaner weighs just a few pounds and is smaller in size, something that makes it easier to maneuver around the room while cleaning. 


  • It is one of the cheapest options for vacuum cleaners available in the market.
  • It has an easy to fill solution and water tank.
  • It helps to remove the bad odors from the pets and leaves your room smelling sweet from the breeze fragrances.
  • It has a tangle-free long cord that allows for use in extended radius I the room, or for different rooms in the house.
  • It has two microfiber pads for use in multi types of flooring materials.
  • Has digital steam control that help protect hard sealant on hardwood floors. 


  • It is not designed to pick up pet hairs.
  • The steam produced by the cleaner can make the room humid, hence not very healthy since mold can thrive.
  • The cleaner comes with a shortened run time, which is not ideal for deep heavy duty cleaning.
  • It cannot be used for cleaning high above the floor surfaces like the ceiling.


Shark Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner for Cleaning and Sanitizing with XL Removable Water Tank and 18-Foot Power Cord (S1000A),White

This type of mop cleaner comes with the largest water tank capacity; among other mop cleaners so that it can carry more amount of water to produce enough steam during deep cleaning.

The water tank is easy to open and close when refilling; with just a pop-up button. After you refill it with the water, steam production is instant, so that you do not have to keep waiting for it.

The amount of steam you apply on different floor surfaces is regulated by the digital controls on the handheld. The steam is not just meant for cleaning, but it is also meant for killing bacteria and other allergens that might be present on the floor.

This helps protect you and your pet from falling sick. The handheld is connected to the cleaning head by a flexible joint so that you can maneuver the cleaner in all directions, with just a twist on your wrist.

This mop is small in size and very light in weight, something that allows you to use the cleaner for longer without getting tired. This feature also makes the cleaner easier to store since it does not require a large storage space.

The dirt grip pad is easy and simple to attach while cleaning and detach when emptying the mop. It comes with two replaceable and reusable cleaning pads that are made of soft microfiber, but one has stiff strips for scrubbing on hard stuck on stains.

The steam produced is used to moisturize and loosen the hard stuck on stains so that it can be removed by the cleaning pad easily. 


  • It is light and small to carry around so that you do not get tired during the cleaning work.
  • It can be used on different floor types, enabled by the two cleaning pads.
  • It does not rely on chemicals to remove hard stuck on stains.
  • The steam produced by the mop cleaner is also used to kill bacteria and germs, keeping you healthy.
  • Has a larger water tank than other mop cleaners.
  • Has a hygienic touch-free dirt grip pad.
  • On-demand steam is ready almost instantly, within the first 30 seconds.
  • It has a tangle-free long cord that allows a larger cleaning radius.


  • It is quite expensive than other mop cleaners.
  • It cannot be used for heavy-duty cleaning.
  • It is not suitable for use on high surfaces like the ceiling.
  • The run time is short and does not allow for cleaning larger rooms.
  • It does not help in cleaning unsightly pet hairs.


Steam Mop,LIGHT 'N' EASY Floor Steamers for Hardwood and Tile,Lightweight Steam Mops for Laminate Floor,Carpet Steamer,Wood Floor Mop Steam Cleaners,7618ANW

What makes this mop cleaner so effective in cleaning is from is the fact it comes in two multi-layered pads that allow permeability of steam and maximum friction while cleaning.

The lower layer is made of microfiber fabric that allows for cleaning on the hardwood floor without damaging the sealant. The steam is meant to moisturize and loosen the tough stuck-on stains on the floor surface.

The steam is also meant to kill bacteria and germs that may be on the floor, hence keeping you and your pet healthy from diseases.

The cleaner also comes in a refillable water tank that is quite large compared to other steam mop cleaners.

The cleaner can dissipate the steam in multi-levels to accommodate different types of floor materials since they do not all require the same amount of steam.

It is also very light in terms of weight and small in size so that you do not get tired when cleaning large square footage. Most importantly the cleaner comes with a separate glider for cleaning raised surfaces like the stairs and the upholstery.

The glider is also meant to remove pet odors and leaves your room smelling all fresh. The cleaner, just like most steam mop cleaners, comes in a long 20 Ft. tangle-free cord that allows you to cover a larger radius while cleaning in larger rooms.

After refilling the water tank, the cleaner produces steam within the first 30 seconds so that you get to make most of your cleaning time.

Similarly, after cleaning the floor, it only takes up to 30 seconds for the steam to dry off. Hence there are no worries of the steam humidifying the room. 


  • It consists of three-layered cleaning pads.
  • It is light and small so that your hands do not get tired while cleaning.
  • The mop comes with a separate glider for cleaning stairs and upholstery.
  • It has three steam levels to accommodate multi types of floors.
  • Relatively cheaper if you are working on a low budget.
  • Long enough cord to allow you to cover more square footage.
  • It gets rid of bad pet odors and freshens up the rooms.
  • It has a soft rubber handle for maintaining grip on your hand.


  • Does not help in cleaning pet hairs from the floor.
  • It is not very reliable for cleaning larger surface areas.
  • It cannot be used to clean surfaces above the floor like the ceiling.
  • Has smaller water tank capacity so you will need to keep refilling it, hence wasting time. 


LIGHT 'N' EASY Multi-Functional steam mop Steamer for Cleaning Hardwood Floor Cleaner for Tile Grout Laminate Ceramic, 7688ANW, White

Just like its name suggests, this type of mop cleaner is your solution to all the cleaning problems in your home, and all this comes at a small affordable price of just $45.97.

The cleaner can be transformed into a handheld that has multi-purpose usage in your home.

The handheld can be used as a steam iron box to remove wrinkles on light clothing like dresses and shirts. It can also be used to clean hard stuck-on stains from bathroom walls and floors, as well as kitchen countertops.

The handheld is also good for defrosting as well as cleaning the stains in the fridge. The handheld is best for cleaning raised surfaces like stairs and upholstery. The cleaner is designed to start releasing steam when you tilt the handle and start to drag the cleaner.

The steam stops being released when you return the cleaner in an upright position. It also has triple levels of steam cleaning; low, medium and high levels to allow you to release the amount of steam you require for a given floor type.

On the handle of the cleaner, is a smart touch sensor that allows for the release of steam upon holding the handle. The steam released by the cleaner has several purposes; it moisturizes and loosens dirt debris so that it can be easily removed by the cleaning pad.

With this all in one steam mop cleaner, you do not have to use chemicals to clean stuck-on stains from your surfaces. This means that you and your pet are protected from the chemical odors. This also makes it safe for kids, pregnant women as well as kids. 


  • Bearing that this is a multi-purpose cleaner, it is relatively cheaper for its qualities and capabilities.
  • It is light and smaller in size and this makes it easier to store, without consuming lots of space.
  • It is multi-purpose so you do not have to buy extra cleaning equipment.
  • Has multi-levels of steam, cleaning to allow you to clean several floor types.
  • It helps remove bad pet odors.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty and a 24-hour customer service, something that you will get with other products in the market. 


  • It is not designed for cleaning high in the ceiling.
  • It is not very suitable for cleaning pet hair.
  • The water tank is not big enough to carry enough water for producing


Bissell Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T

This type of mop cleaner comes with two washable and reusable cleaning pads, and are both made of antimicrobial protection fabric to protect the pad from Bad smells due to bacteria growth.

This also helps to prolong the lifespan of the pad, by preventing bacteria from attaching on the pad. They are also made of soft microfiber material; one white and soft for use on a hardwood floor to prevent damaging the sealant on the floor.

The other piece of pad is made of microfiber material with hard strips for scrubbing floor types like carpets. The cleaner comes with a see-through plastic that is not just cool, but it also allows you to monitor the water levels so that you can know when it is time for refilling.

The cleaner pad comes in triangular shape but for more square footage coverage, you can switch to a rectangular pad, although the triangular pad is good for cleaning around furniture legs.

The cleaner has 9 vents that help dissipate the steam throughout the surface of the cleaning pad, for maximum cleaning purposes.

Besides, the cleaner has three steam cleaning levels; low, medium and high steam levels to allow for cleaning on different floor types. It has a power cord that allows you to cover more square footage while cleaning larger rooms.

The cleaner starts releasing steam by tilting it and pressing on the release button with your finger on the handle, which is made of rubber to increase the grip on your hand.

The cleaner is also smaller in size and light to allow you to clean fdor54 long without getting tired. Storing it is also easy since it does not require lots of storage space. The cleaning head and the handheld handle are connected by an easy joint to allow you to maneuver the cleaner in almost all the directions without any struggle. 


  • Ithas cleaner pads with antimicrobial protection.
  • It is suitable for deep cleaning. It is best for multi-floor types, enabled by the three steam levels. It has a long power cord to allow you to clean a larger surface area.
  • It has 9 vents for distributing steam evenly on the cleaning pad for maximum cleaning.
  • Easy maneuverability allows you to the cleaner with a lot of ease.
  • It is considerably cheaper, bearing in mind the amazing job this cleaner can do.
  • It lacks a filter and this means more convenience for you since you do not have to keep cleaning the filter from time to time.


  • It requires you to use only demineralized water to prevent the cleaner from failing to produce the steam.
  • This is quite an inconvenience because the demineralized or distilled water is an extra cost.
  • It is not designed for high above-floor surfaces like the ceiling.
  • It lacks a cooling tray to place the mop on.
  • The power is not long enough to allow coverage of more square footage.
  • It lacks a carpet glider, which means that your carpet is not refreshed, leaving behind the pet odors.
  • It lacks a filter for hard water and this means that the water will interfere with the functioning of the cleaner due to the forming of foam, after some time. 

Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Steam Mop for Hardwood Floors

A stick or a canister are the commonly used type of devices. Your choice of a machine is likely to depend on one of the type.

Both types come with respective attachments and they have their own strength and weaknesses.

If you go for a stick type, you may be disadvantaged when lifting the steam mop away from the floor so as to trigger steam unlike the canister type that has a mop attachment whose mop head can easily be lifted from the floor.

Canister machine also has its own primary disadvantage. When the machine rest for long before you trigger steam, some unused steam in its hose and wand is highly likely to condense back into water forcing you to release it out before you proceed with your mopping.

Both types of the machines used to suffer from a common problem where water is only heat to a boiling point and you may not get a stick style mop. In the most advanced machines that has been taken care of.

The steam can be triggered on and off in short blasts. This also gives you a good time to lift from floor after every few minutes you desire.

Always go for a steam mop that allows to easily change the cleaning cloth. This feature is very important when you dealing with a very dirty floor where cloth need to be changed often for good results.

Important Tips when using a Steam Mop

  • Always keep the cloth clean and dry. Changing cloth quite often gives you a beautifully streak free floor.
  • Remember to always lift the mop off the floor when triggering steam. This ensures the cloth is quite damp and hot. Direct blasts of steam on the floor may damage it.
  • Do not continuously blast steam directly on any spot on the floor that you find sticky in an attempt to lift it. Gently use the mop to scrub and possible with a recommended cleaner such as a mild diluted soap.
  • If you notice streaks on the floor once it has dried, think about changing the cleaning solution and using drier floor cloths than before.
  • Always remove dust and grit from your floor before steam cleaning. This will prevent scratches, lines and unwanted marks.
  • Since most steam mops run on water alone, you can add a cleaning solution with neutral pH in your steamer.
  • You should ensure that your hardwood floors are completely sealed before steam cleaning.
  • Not all wooden floors goes well with steam mops. Some cheap or poorly done laminates does not hold any capacity steam. They can badly get damaged and make you to worry about what to do.
  • Steam mops should be used correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions. Always read them on the labels and follow them strictly to prevent your floor from getting destroyed.
  • Some wood floors are strictly restricted from the use of steam mops. The warranty may become null and void if you attempt to steam them. Therefore read and understand what the installation company say.
  • The type of water you use in your steam mop may have an effect on your floor. Distilled water is said to be the best. Tap water may contain elements that may destroy the surface of your floor or may give it streaks, white haze or cloudy look.
  • You should not use too much steam since the excessive moisture has a high potential of damaging your floor. In the long run you will start to notice warping and discoloration of the surface. Always trigger a small of steam that can only make the head cloth damp. If the cloth become saturated consider replacing with a drier one and that will keep you on safer side.
  • Too much scrubbing when combined with a blast of hot moisture can rub away the floor finish.

How to use a Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors  – steps

Once you have removed dust, loose dirt particles such as food debris you can now follow the following steps:

  1. With distilled water, fill the steamer’s water canister. You may consider adding a cleaning solution with neutral pH.
  2. Examine the filters and ensure they are clean before embarking on your floor cleaning.
  3. Ensure the canister is well placed then begin heating water to steam.
  4. Push the machine forward as it release the steam and then backwards to allow the cloth wipe away dirt.
  5. Always start at the corner as you move from one side to the other until the room is completely clean

What to look for in a Steam Mop

The following are the features to study when choosing a steam mop for a hardwood floor:

Steam control: The best steamer should have a steam control feature. This gives the user ability to regulate the amount of steam being released on the floor depending with the need.

Ease of use: The machine should have a long enough power cord, a power button, empty reservoir indicator and user manual.

Attachments: They include mop pads and other detachable accessories. The pads must be of high quality and easy to maintain.

Tank capacity: The water/steam reservoir should be well balanced between weight and size. Too small tanks will require the user to fill more often during cleaning. Therefore a relatively large and light tank is better.

Warranty: The machine should have a valid warranty. This is usually important during break down where the seller or manufacturer can easily replace.

Benefits of Using a Steam Mop

Here are the advantages of using a steam mop over other methods of cleaning hard floors:

1. Eco-Friendly

A steam mop uses natural water only to clean and sanitize surfaces unlike other methods that might utilize harsh cleaning reagents.

You are guaranteed of a safe environment to both family and pets after steam cleaning. There is no worry of poisonous emissions or residue that may harm your furry friends.

2. Safe on all surfaces

Unlike a traditional mop that may leave a film of water on the surface, which can be dangerous to wooden floors, a steam mop only uses blast of steam that varnishes while cleaning.

A steam is therefore an ideal option for all types of hard wood.

3. Easy to use

Using a steam mop can help tackle a large task without much effort. Cleaning is effortlessly done while standing unlike a traditional mop where you have to bend your back.

There are also light hand held steam mops for simple tackling of above the floor tasks such as upholstery, walls, ceiling and cabinets.

4. Eliminates 99.9 % of Germs

Steam mops help in sanitizing and disinfecting floors and various surfaces. The heated steam is too hot for microbial to withstand.

Steam cleaning kills 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. It is therefore the best cleaning device for pet owners.

5. Cost effective

After buying a steam mop, it becomes less costly in the long run. There are no other additional cleaning solutions to purchase.

Steam cleaning only utilizes water and few units of power for a sparkling surface.

Limitations of Using a Steam Mop

The following are disadvantages of steam cleaning

  • Steam mops are not affordable by many people due to their high cost. Traditional mob is therefore commonly used.
  • Too dried up stains may require you to remove manually using traditional mop or scrubbing. That means that steam mops works best for areas with little stubborn dirt.
  • Changing mop pads regularly and washing them can also be an expense.
  • Steam mops can breakdown in the middle of cleaning
  • The devices can also harm your floor is not well used

Are Steam Mops OK for Hardwood Floors?

Steam mops can give you a reason to smile if you are correctly using the right type of machine. Many wood floor manufacturers and flooring agencies such as National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) has warned against use of steam on hardwood floors.

Nevertheless, You can use low steam setting to clean and sanitize your sealed hardwood floors. Do not use this method if your floors are unsealed or have a broken finish. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction for a perfect outcome and cleaning experience.

The Bottom Line

  • BISSELL PowerFresh is best when your house has a combination of wood floors and tiles or linoleum
  • O-Cedar Microfiber is suitable for a house that has complete wooden flooring or tiles
  • Shark can handle multiple floors since it has been made with combined features found in Bissell and O-cedar

Hardwood floors are welcoming, timeless and a symbol of treasure. They are beautiful and always add some radiance to a home thanks to the hues and breathtaking natural grain patterns.

There is every reason to keep hardwood floors clean as a way of adding more life to your floor and also creating a healthy environment for household members. 

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