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Best Hardwood Floor Chair Mats 2021 Reviews and Guide

Given enough time, an office chair will undoubtedly scratch a hardwood floor due to frequent rolling and sliding. If you are concerned about the appearance of your floors, you can install a chair mat to prevent scuffing and premature wear and tear as well as reduce maintenance costs. But there are a lot of chair mats out there, so choosing one can be a bit of a chore. Fear not: We're here to help. Here are the best hardwood floor chair mats that will protect your floor.

5 Best Chair Mats for Hardwood Floors

Are you are looking into purchasing a chair mat for your home or office rolling chair? Installing a mat is the only way to stop the wheels from creating scratches and scuffs on the wooden floor and can help your chair remain stationary.

There are plenty of chair mats out there, but only a few have the right qualities you are looking for. We have reviewed the following chair mats and recommend them as the best for your hard floors.


Office Chair Mat with Anti Fatigue Cushioned Foam - Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor with Foot Rest Under Desk - 2 in 1 Chairmat Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat for Hard Floor

Fatigue is one reason why people keep pushing chairs forward and backward in an office trying to find comfort. Mushyn’s mat has an anti-fatigue foot-rest foam that helps relieve your body of pressure, stress, and fatigue while seated or standing. At the same time, it protects your floors. Win-win. 

This perfect combination of floor protection, posture support, and cushion is all you need in your home or office. Mushyn's office chair mat is eco-friendly, and thus a safe choice for indoor hard surfaces such as hardwood floors, vinyl, laminate, tile, and concrete.

Made from thick material, this mat is strong and durable, and so is able to serve for many years without cracking or breaking. The non-slip pad has a strong grip and perfectly fits in any office. The surface is made to provide effortless chair rolling for maximum comfort.

While installing the mat, clearly follow the instructions. This mat comes rolled. Remove from the box and allow some time for it to adapt to room temperature. Then, unroll the mat on a flat surface with the logo facing upwards. Mushyn's mat will gradually flatten within several hours. It may take up to the next day for it to be completely flat on the surface.


[Upgraded Version] Crystal Clear 1/5' Thick 47' x 35' Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat, Can be Used on Carpet or Hard Floor

Transparent mats are aesthetically pleasing as they let you have a complete view of your beautiful floor or carpet. MuArts Crystal Clear Heavy Duty Hard Chair Mat is designed for this purpose without any compromise regarding strength and durability.

Unlike most glass mats, MuArts chair mat is incredibly tough and known to serve for years without chipping or denting. The completely flat similar-to-glass chair mat is made from non-toxic and odorless material that is also capable of withstanding high pressure of up to 1200 pounds of pressure.

It is also amazing how this mat stays put on both hard surfaces and low pile carpet. The chair wheels glide smoothly on the mat without making noise. The size is perfect for any standard office chair and desk.

The company offers lifetime customer support after purchase of this product as well as 12 months of warranty. This warranty ensures replacement in the event of damage or breakage. We highly recommend this mat for home or office use.


Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Floor Mat for Office Chair (Rolling Chairs), Desk Mat & Office Mat for Hardwood Floor, Immediately Flat, Only for Hardwood Floor, 36'x48'

Whether you want one mat for home use or a pack of ten to kit out your office, you’ll find these one hundred percent pure polycarbonate mats are perfect for protecting your beautiful, expensive hardwood floors from pesky chair scuffs and marks.

Almost completely transparent while retaining rigidity to offer sturdy support for your seat, the mat won't negatively affect your room's aesthetic. Consequently, you can still make the most of your fancy flooring’s beauty while preserving it. Think of it like a phone’s screen protector.

Once you’ve opened up the package, your new mat will roll out completely flat. You won’t have to put it under a pile of heavy books for a week so it doesn’t curl up and irritate you — it’s ready for usage straight away.

Containing absolutely zero harmful materials, it’s a simple investment that means — should you ever decide to sell your home, or if you’re particularly house proud — you’ll maximize the property’s value by keeping those impressive, polished floors in tip-top condition.

Remember to remove the white protection film before setting your chair on top of the mat.


AiBOB Office Chair mat for Hardwood Floor, 36 x 48 inches, Easy Glide for Chairs, Flat Without Curling, Floor Mats for Computer Desk

This is another best hardwood floor chair mat that can also be used on other floor types such as tile, concrete, vinyl, laminate, and linoleum. It is designed to offer protection for a hard floor while also providing easily controlled movement of a chair's casters to avoid any scratching, sinking, or formation of indentations.

AiBOB's office chair mat is made of pure, long-life polyethylene and does not emit any odor. This ensures a clean and fresh home or office environment. Durability and flexibility has also been enhanced through a super tough surface that won’t crack easily.

That mat comes rolled in a pack and you need to give it several hours to gradually flatten. Warm room temperature can help speed up this process. For correct installation, the mat has 2 sides: one smooth side facing down and one matte-style facing up. There is a 60-day return period in the event that the mat you purchase in damaged.


Thickest Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor - 1/8' Thick 47' X 35' Crystal Clear Chair Mat for Hard Floor, Can't be Used on Carpet Floor

If thick and heavy over sleek and stylish is what you’re after, you won’t go wrong with this heavy-duty, 1/8-inch thick mat from MuArts. Made from phthalate-free PVC to offer optimal strength and durability, there won't be any cracks or visible wear and tear.

Superior construction materials ensure frictional forces against the floor to minimize slipping. There's no concern if your chair is on wheels, as you’ll be able to sit comfortably without fear of sliding around whilst you work.

The mat is built to protect hardwood, tiles, laminate, and vinyl flooring from aesthetic damage at the hands (or should we say feet) of chair legs or rolling casters. You can move freely knowing there’ll be no bumps, marks, or spots that you’ll have to eventually cover up with rugs.

It’s effective at keeping you safe and secure without the use of glue, adhesive pads or anything sticky that might damage your prized flooring. This mat is not sticky on either side, and is easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.

You can make your purchase with peace of mind, as the mat includes a worry-free manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months. In addition, customers get a lifetime of free access to their technical support, who are always on hand to help.


Large Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors - 59''×47'',Heavy Duty Clear Wood/Tile Floor Protector PVC Transparent by SHAREWIN

This is an incredible, transparent large chair mat that allows a complete view of your floor surface. The Large Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors by SHAREWIN is designed to offer lasting protection for hard floors such as hardwood, vinyl, tile, concrete, and laminate, among others.

Additionally, this mat strongly grips the surface to prevent slipping while controlling the gliding of the chair. Being strong and durable, the mat will give you no reason to worry about accidental breaking or chipping. The high-resistance PVC does not contain polyvinyl chloride, odor, or any volatile toxin and is thus safe and healthy for indoor use.

Carefully follow the instructions for fast and easy installation. The smooth side should be facing down against the hard floor for a firm grip while the textured side faces up to offer traction. If the product you purchase is not in good condition, SHAREWIN offers a one year warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

To understand more about office chair mats, here are answers to commonly asked questions.

Do you need a chair mat on hardwood floors?

In addition protecting office or home floors from light and deep scratches caused by chair wheels, a chair mat comes with other benefits. For example, a char mat:

  • Makes a floor remain beautiful for longer
  • Enhances easy rolling of chair wheels on the floor
  • Makes cleaning a floor easy
  • Prevents slipping by providing the chair a firm grip on the floor
  • Adds warmth and comfort to hardwood floors
  • Reduces noise caused by tire wheels and high-heeled shoes
  • Reduces infrastructural maintenance costs

How do I choose a chair mat?

Choosing a mat can be a hard task given the wide varieties out there. So, here are very important factors to consider before you make a purchase.

1. Floor type

Mats are designed for specific floor types. There are those that are meant for hard floors while others are specifically for carpets. Only a few can be used for both type of surfaces. The term "hard floors" usually indicates hardwood, laminate, tile, concrete, and linoleum among others.

Chair mats formulated for carpets have a different texture and gripping ability than those made for hard floors. Overlooking this factor will result in purchasing a mat that will constantly slip. Read the label carefully or consult an expert to ensure you end up with the correct chair mat for your floor type.

2. Type of material

Materials are an important factor that dictate the durability, appearance, and safety standards of a mat. While traditional mats are made from PVC (poly vinyl chloride) there are concerns about smell, durability, and environmental effects. Modern mats made of polycarbonate and polypropylene elements are becoming popular due to their good strength, durability, and environmentally friendly attributes.

It is important to know that most reliable materials retail at slightly higher prices. Cheap mats may not last or offer a firm grip to the surface. If you discover a mat is cheaper than average, try to find out the reason behind it before you fall into the trap. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

3. Design

The size, shape, and color of a mat are important factors to consider as well. There are different sizes of mats for various space sizes and shapes. You should know how large or small your space is for the mat to fit. Go into the store with measurements if necessary.

Mats are also made in various shapes that you can choose if you intend to add a sense of style to your interior décor. Popular shapes include rectangular, square, lip, L-workstation, contoured, oval, round, and triangular. If you want something different, it is also possible to order a customized mat based on your specifications.

Color is a very basic factor as far as interior décor is concerned. Chair mats comes in wide array of colors to choose from. Transparent, black, and white are commonly available colors. You may also find a mix of colors in a single floor mat.

How do I keep my chair mat from sliding on hardwood floors?

One of the primary purposes of a chair mat is to prevent sliding or slipping. A poor quality mat will definitely slide on the floor due to a lack of gripping grades. Mats that slide on the floor are nuisance and a tripping hazard.

An incorrect installation process can also be a reason for a sliding mat on a floor. Before you unpack the product, read the manufacturer’s instructions for installation, cleaning, and maintenance. Ensure the chair mat is unpackaged well and laid flat on the floor with every side facing the correct direction.

How do I clean my chair mat?

Cleaning a chair mat should be done on a regular basis. This not only makes it serve you longer but also prevents the dirt from spreading to the underlying floor surface. It is common to transport some hard particles under the soles of your shoes which can end up scratching your hardwood floor.

Mats can be cleaned as directed by the manufacturer. Essentially, soap and water can be used to clean the mat followed by a rinse with clean water. Ensure the mat is completely dry before placing it back on the floor to avoid unpleasant odors and water damage on wooden floors.


Chairs move all the time, especially those with wheels. That's what they're made for, after all. While that's convenient for people, it's less convenient for floors. Given the weight of a seated person, chair wheels can create dents, gouges, or scuff marks on any floor. Hardwood floors are expensive, valuable, and durable — so they need to be protected from such damage. Simply installing a mat under your office chair can solve that problem and give you some added benefits to boot.

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