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Best Roomba for Hardwood Floors [2020 Reviews & Guide]

A clean hardwood floor is not just appealing, but it also comes with a wide range of benefits such as maintaining the aesthetic value of your home and keeping yourself and your pets safe. Roomba vacuums are one of the best to use if you are dealing with a hardwood floor. Here are our best picks:

Which Roomba is Best for Hardwood Floors? 

Vacuuming is one of the recommended ways of cleaning a hardwood floor. Vacuum cleaners come in a wide range of variety, in terms of suction power, battery life among many others.

We have the following as the best autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners from iRobot suitable for a hard floor and carpet:

Top 5 Roomba for Hardwood Floor


iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties Itself, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Black

This one is rated the best overall in terms of performance, suction power and efficiency. This is because it has 5 times more suction power than all the types of Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners, something that ensures it picks even the tiniest and most stuck dirt from the hardwood floor.

It comes with a double rubber brush which makes it so efficient in picking dirt from both hardwood and carpet floors. This means that it can also be used to clean even the office floor with ease. It is Wi-Fi compatible meaning that you can program to clean at certain specified times, even when you are not anywhere close.

This is possible since it has its control mobile application which allows you to control it remotely from the comfort of your office. It is also fitted with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant features that make it possible for you to speak certain commands to the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Besides, it is almost perfectly accurate because it is fitted with iAdapt 2.0 technology that draws small maps on the hardwood floor so that no spot is left unclean. Besides, it is fitted with a patented vSLAM navigation system that allows for accurate precision by collecting thousands of accurate measurements every millisecond. 


It is convenient, efficient, Wi-Fi enabled and reliable. It is also able to pick even cat hairs and dog hairs from your hardwood floors. For durability purposes, it has a large capacity battery that allows it to run for 110 minutes without interruption.


The only disadvantage with this type of Roomba vacuum cleaner is that it is quite expensive and you would want to consider some other cheaper Roomba vacuum cleaners if you are working on a budget.


iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum- Wi-Fi Connected, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors

This comes second after the iRobot Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner in the overall best category because it also has premium stages of cleaning; light, medium, and deep cleaning. This is enabled by a system that loosens, lifts and sucks up dirt particles and dust. It has an auto-adjust cleaning head that makes this type of vacuum cleaner suitable for various types of floors including hardwood and carpet.

For efficiency purposes, it comes with a patented sensor for dirt and this directs the cleaner to the most used spots of the room since these have the highest concentration of dirt. However, this does not mean that it cleans only the densely trafficked places of the room, no. it also has laser dirt detectors that ensures that even the tiniest and most hidden particles are not left lying on the floor.

For convenience purposes, it comes with an iRobot HOME App that allows you to remotely give commands to the cleaner in the confinement of your office or wherever you could be. For example, you could order the cleaner to go the charging dock for recharge when you realize that the battery is almost drained.

But the good thing is that it is likely to run out of charge before completion of the cleaning work, why? This is because it has a large capacity battery that allows it to continue doing its work for uninterrupted 90 minutes.


It is a little cheaper, compared to its leader, iRobot Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner, therefore better choice if budget is your main concern. Furthermore, it has a cliff detector that protects it against falling off the stairs which means it requires less maintenance costs than their counterparts


It does not perfectly collect cat hairs and dog hairs, hence not a very good choice if you are allergic to pet hairs since these are known to cause the highest number of allergies.


iRobot Roomba 770 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This comes with a double rubber brush that allows for maximum pick up of dirt particles and dust from the floor. This makes it suitable for a wider variety of floors like hardwood, carpet, and laminate and can be used for both home and office floors. It is one of the lowest Roomba budget since it comes at an affordable low price of just $499.

What makes it so popular is that bit has a soft touch bumper that helps protect the hardwood, laminate and carpet floors from damage. It is also fitted with a laser dirt sensor which helps to track even the tiniest dirt and dust from underneath the furniture.

iRobot Roomba 770 comes with a self-charging system that makes it return to the charging bay once its battery is almost out. But by the time this happens, the cleaner will have done most of its work since its battery capacity allows it to run for a whole 3 hours without interruption. The cleaner has an extra filter that ensures it does not get clogged with dirt, dust and pet hairs. This prolongs its lifespan and the maintenance cost is also reduced. 


So durable because of the fact that it has an extra filter for maximum filtration. It is also suitable for surfaces under the furniture and this allows for cleaning even in the most hidden spots of the house. It allows you to program it up to seven times a week and an auto virtual walls device so it evades the obstacles that stand in its way.


It keeps getting stuck especially when it meets an obstacle and this means you must keep controlling it manually. This can be a little ineffective when you have several other issues to take care of. Also, it is quite loud and this makes it quite annoying because you have to persevere the noise, meaning you cannot use to clean while the kids are sleeping.


iRobot Roomba 650 Automatic Robotic Vacuum (Renewed)

This one comes with an extra filter that allows for maximum air filtration, as well as helping with unclogging debris and pet hairs. You can even go up to 2 months before you replace the filter. To top it all, it has an auto virtual wall device that prevents it from collision with the walls and any other obstacles on its way. It also acts as an anti-fall on the stairs and cliff areas.

Although it rarely goes off, it is automated to know it is almost out of charge so that it returns to the recharging dock by itself. But before this happens, it will have already done the work it is intended for since it can run for around 90 minutes without interruptions due to its high capacity battery.

Just like any Roomba in the market, this one comes with a laser dirt sensor that allows it to trace even the tiniest dirt and dust from the most hidden spots in the room. If you are working on a low budget, this is your most preferred option of a Roomba since it comes at a very affordable price of just $399.99. It also comes with a double rubber brush which makes it suitable for a multiple of floors namely; hardwood, laminates, and tile.


It is almost excellent in picking up pet hairs and fine dust and particles. You get to enjoy a long battery life of about 90 minutes before the cleaner returns to the charging dock. The auto virtual wall device protects the device from falling off cliffs and stairs, hence prolonging its lifespan. The extra filter prevents the brushes from clogging with debris and pet hairs


It is a little loud and this makes quite a nuisance especially when you are around home. In terms of navigation, it is not very reliable and this makes it not very effective since it can skip some tiny spots on the floor. Because of the poor navigation system, it tends to get stuck when it comes into contact with an obstacle on its way. 


iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

this is the best type of robot vacuum cleaner for filtration purposes because this is enabled by its highly efficient and smart HEPA filters, meaning that it is best suitable for picking up dust and pet hairs. It comes with an automatic adjustable cleaning head that makes it suitable for three levels of cleaning on some flooring materials. For this reason, it can be used at home as well as office floors.

It also has laser detectors for dirt, which means that it picks even the tiniest dirt and dust. And because it has a higher filtration rate, it is suitable for small, medium and heavy-duty cleaning levels. It is also suitable for open rooms, without many obstacles like furniture.

The smart HEPA filters prevent dirt particles from clogging the waste container which means that it does not require much maintenance costs going forward, hence more savings in your pocket.


Best for maximum filtration of dust and pet hairs. Also, it is relatively cheap, hence a good choice for a low budget option. Just like all Roomba robotic cleaners, this comes with a year warranty.


It does not clean under furniture and not suitable for a house with many rooms, therefore less effective. Also, its battery does not have a large enough capacity, which explains why it is not best for houses with many rooms. 


iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with Automatic Dirt Disposal-Empties Itself, Wi-Fi Connected, Smart Mapping, Works with Alexa, Ideal for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Black

This is the most convenient Roomba because it has its emptying bags that make it possible for the Roomba to empty by itself up to 60 days. It also very high suction power that ensures at5h no pierce of dirt is left lying on the floor surface with its three levels of cleaning.

Something that makes this Roomba very popular is the fact that it is possible to program it not to go to certain areas of the house. This, therefore, means that it cannot easily fall off the stairs, hence low maintenance costs going forward. Besides, it has a system that allows it to draw small maps of the floor and can also remember floors, something that makes it than the true definition of a robot. 


It has great features for auto cleaning. It produces the best cleaning results, without much interference by humans. It docks on own to recharge and also to empty the bin.


The only drawback with this type of Roomba is that it is highly expensive. However, it will save you lots of money for maintenance in the future since it does not require emptying and has a higher suction power that prevents clogging with dirt.

Best Roombas for Hardwood Floor Buying Guide

Robot Roomba vacuum cleaners are so good and choosing the best one for your needs can sometimes be the hardest decision to make. To help you make up your mind when dealing with these cleaners, we are going to look at the following factors to put into consideration.

Battery life

All Robot Roomba cleaners have a high battery capacity but your most preferred choice will be determined by the capacity of the battery. But whichever is your choice, all of these will do the work just well for about an hour before docking at the charging base. 


The size of your budget is another critical factor to put into consideration when purchasing a robot Roomba cleaner. If your budget is not your concern, then you can go for one that serves you the best and has the most intelligent features like iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum cleaner. But if you are working on a low budget, then you can go for the cheapest among these cleaners.

Dust container size

The size of the dust cup size is an important factor you cannot afford to ignore. You do not want a vacuum cleaner that you will keep emptying when cleaning the room. Instead, go for the one that has a bigger emptying bin or one that empties by itself. This will save you time and inconvenience so that you can focus on other important issues with your life.

Mode of navigation

When it comes to the issue of navigation, there are two modes namely; random and smart. Random navigation has a little precision although it does the job just well, while smart navigation cleaner does not leave any spot since it draws small maps for precision. Furthermore, others like the iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner usually remember floors so that you do not have to reprogram it every time you clean the same floor.

Type of sensor

The type of sensor a Roomba uses is another factor to put into consideration before making a purchase. Roomba cleaner that uses a Camera sensor for dirt is not fully precise and can sometimes leave some bits of particles although it does quite a good job. A cleaner with a laser sensor for dirt, on the other hand, is fully precise and it does not provide a chance for leaving any piece of dirt on the floor.


A Roomba with a lower suction power and air filtration will be quite inconvenient since you will be required to kit in proper maintenance to prevent the cleaner from clogging with dirt particles and pet hair.

A Roomba cleaner with a higher air filtration is best since it will have no chances of clogging by dirt and hairs from the pets. This will save you a lot of money for maintenance going forward. It also means that it is capable of picking even bigger debris and bigger sized particles without any problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to commonly asked questions

Q: Is Roomba good for Hardwood Floors? 

A: Hardwood floors are tough although delicate as well. Most of them are damaged during the cleaning process. Wood floors can also become a safety hazard when liquids spill on their dusty surfaces.

A dirty hardwood floor is also a health risk since it can become a perfect breeding ground for molds and mildew that is the leading cause for most allergens and some respiratory-related complications. This shows just how much hardwood floor needs to be perfectly clean.

Roomba is the best for this task since it can maneuver even in the innermost corners that are out of your reach. It has infrared sensors that detect even the tiniest dirt particles and dust, hence more effective than the common vacuums.

It has soft suction brushes that protect the hardwood floor from damage during the vacuuming work. After all, hardwood is quite a tiring material to clean with the common vacuum cleaner, and this is where the Roomba comes in; the ability to clean deep into the wood.

Q: Will Roomba damage hardwood floors? 

A: Roomba cleaners do not damage hardwood floors since they have soft brushes that are friendly to the floor. These are just meant to pick up dirt particles from the floor, without scratching it.

Besides, most hardwood floors have a protective layer that prevents the floor from scratching and fading fast as people drag their feet on it. Although it rarely occurs, a faulty Roomba can damage your hardwood floor.

Also, using it in the wrong way can damage a hardwood floor and that is why you should strictly adhere to the operational l manual that comes with the Roomba cleaner.


A vacuum cleaner is a MUST have for a clean home free from allergens. Roomba vacuum cleaners does not disappoint when it comes to cleaning hardwood floors and rugs. Their robust technology adds fun, convenience and comfort to a cleaning task.

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