How to Make Hardwood Floors Look New Without Refinishing

For many of us, refinishing hardwood floors can be a daunting task. The good news is, refinishing is not the only way to bring tired-looking floors back to life. There are some easier alternatives such as screening and recoating, using a decorative rug and painting them. Read on to learn how to make hardwood floors look new without refinishing and don’t forget to check back on WFC for our latest articles.

If the Floors Are Scratched and Worn, Recoat Them

Screening is a pretty quick and inexpensive process, and it can make your wood floors shine again. The process involves roughening the existing, worn-out coat and applying a new one.

This method will work very well if the quality of your floors is good but the finish is not. This is one of the fastest ways to bring your wood floors back to life.

This is also a very cost-effective way to make wood floors look new again. Refinishing a floor, on the other hand, is significantly expensive.

However, there is a caveat. If wax has been applied to your floors, the screening will not work. In such a case, you will have to hire a handyman. The handyman will use a buffing machine to re-wax and polish your wood floors.

There is a simple way to determine whether your floor’s finish is wax. Clean a small spot and apply some mineral spirits or paint thinner to a white rag. Then wipe the spot with the rag. If it turns brown or yellow, the finish is most probably wax.

Paint Your Floors if They Are Too Dinged up

If you are wondering how to make hardwood floors look new without refinishing, here is another option for you. If your floors are no longer suitable for a screen and recoat, or waxing, consider painting them. It is an inexpensive and quick way to change the room.

To make sure that the paint sticks, skim the surface of the floors. And before you apply the paint, do not forget to prime the floor. Rather than using a single color, consider painting in alternative stripes of black, grey, and white.

If it is the first time you are painting the floors, do not try to aim for something too fancy. However, it is important to remove any sealant or wax by roughening up the floor.

Remember, you can repeatedly sand and refinish solid hardwood floors, but you cannot do the same with engineered floors. Before you scuff the wood up, consider the thickness.

Do not make the mistake of refinishing parquet flooring because it will splinter and fall apart soon.

Decorate Strategically if Your Wood Floors Are Too Thin

To make the faded colors of parquet floors look less disgusting, you can paint your walls dark. Large area rugs can hide the floors. These rugs are inexpensive, and they can define and “soften” space.

Use sisal rugs because the tone of this material blends smoothly with the tone of parquet floors. On top of that, layer a decorative rug. A strong visual pop such as shiny brass hardware or white lacquer furniture can make the space more visually appealing.

Install a Floating Floor if Your Floor is Too Ugly

If your wood floor has become extremely worn out and too ugly, here is how to make hardwood floors look new without refinishing them. Just install another floating floor over the existing one. It may sound too simplistic, but it is actually a good idea.

There is an important thing to remember about hardwood floor maintenance. It is not necessary to mop your wood floor every week. If you do so, you will end up oversaturating your floors. And oversaturation can damage the finish pretty quickly.

What About Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning is one of the best ways to restore the luster of a wood floor. Let’s see how it is done. 

  • Use a soft bristle broom to sweep your floors thoroughly. Avoid using a broom with stiff bristles, because they can damage the shine by scratching the surface.
  • After that, vacuum the floor and make it completely dust-free.
  • Mop the floor. Use a concentrated cleaner and a micro cloth made especially for hardwood floors.

For deep cleaning, you can also get in touch with flooring professionals. They use scrubbing machines to scrub wood floors and remove dirt.

In order to keep your hardwood floors in a good condition, here are some things to do: 

  • Clean the surface at least a couple of times per week using a clean cloth or vacuum.
  • Use a floor wood cleaner to deep clean every month.
  • Hire a professional cleaner for deep cleaning once a year.

When to Refinish Hardwood Floors 

We have discussed how to make hardwood floors look new without refinishing. But at a point, your hardwood floors will no longer be quickly fixed. You will have to refinish the floors if they are grimy, dry, and with wide gaps and deep scratches.

Refinishing is a labor-intensive and lengthy process that involves sanding, staining, patching, and top coating. Since the task is time-consuming, not many people take it as a DIY project.

If you have decided to do it yourself, learn about your floor type before you get started. Waxed floors are slippery and less durable than urethane-based coating.

All oil-based finishes are a bit stinky, compared to water-based finishes. Learn about the proper way to refinish the type of floors you have.

For professional refinishing, you can get in touch with a local contractor. Make sure you talk to multiple companies before hiring one because charges vary widely.

Read their online reviews. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the reviews, consider contacting a previous client. Also, make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Final Thoughts

Refinishing hardwood floors can be expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Luckily, in most cases, it is not the only way to make hardwood floors shine. We have discussed some alternatives that are inexpensive and less time-consuming. We hope now you have a better idea about these methods and will make your hardwood floors look new again.