Is Walnut Good For Flooring?

If you’ve ever seen a beautifully rich, dark hardwood floor, then there’s a good chance it’s walnut wood. This gorgeous wood is perfect for interiors, because of both its visual appeal, and the easy maintenance. Walnut wood flooring is expensive, but if you can afford the high price, it’s worth it.

Nowadays, walnut is a rare choice for building and furniture, which leads many to think that it isn’t a good material. But actually, the opposite is true. Walnut is a fantastic but scarce material, so prices are high compared to other hardwoods of a similar quality.

The main reason for choosing walnut wood has to be the attractive coloring. American walnut, known as black walnut, is an intriguing deep brown shade.

It does come in quite a range, from the lighter, creamier browns, to those so dark they’re almost purple. Imagine a box of expensive chocolate truffles, laid out in front of you – those are the sorts of colors you can expect from walnut flooring. If you have a dog, find out your best options for flooring by clicking here. Additionally, if you have rooms for children to consider, we discuss that here in detail.

Is walnut good for flooring?

Another selling point is the grain characteristics. From undulating waves to precise lines, thick bands of color to brief swirls of a new hue – walnut wood is unique in its beauty.

But attractive woods are nothing if they can’t stand up to regular use. Walnut wood is durable enough to make sturdy flooring, and it’s also very easy to clean. It can show some dust, due to the deeper coloring, but this is easily wiped away. Walnut flooring is also easy to install, and it’s insect repellant.

Walnut flooring is an opulent choice, and it looks best in grand, sweeping rooms. Use it for open space living rooms, or the master bedroom. In smaller rooms, it does risk making the place seem enclosed.

As walnut wood ages, it only becomes more beautiful. This makes it an investment for flooring. Provided you care for it properly, in years to come your flooring will be just as gorgeous as the day it was installed (and perhaps even more so, as it gains character).

Walnut wood is an expensive wood, but you can really see the quality. If you choose walnut for your flooring, it has the ability to lift the entire room.

Is walnut flooring sustainable?

Walnut flooring traditionally comes from Black Walnut trees. These highly prized species are quite hard to find, which is why walnut flooring is so expensive. Walnut flooring can be sustainable, but you have to be careful about where you buy it.

In order to turn walnut trees into flooring, the tree has to be chopped down. This contributes to deforestation, which can have a terrible effect on the environment. However, walnut trees can also be grown sustainably.

To do this, new trees must be planted when old ones are cut down, growth is carefully managed, and habitats aren’t destroyed for planting. It is possible for walnut flooring to be sustainable.

If you’re interested in sustainable walnut flooring, then look out for Forest Stewardship Council approval. An FSC certification shows that the wood has come from a sustainably managed forest.

Be aware that walnut flooring is a desirable choice, and illegal logging does happen. Always choose flooring from a trusted source. The illegal logging trade is a major issue in the successful creation of sustainable forests.

The actual process of converting walnut trees into flooring is relatively environmentally friendly. The wood dries quickly, so less electricity is used in heat treatment. Waste products are wood chips, which have many other uses. 

The durability of walnut flooring is another reason why it can be seen as sustainable. Walnut flooring is an expensive, investment hardwood. Once installed, it can last for decades, remaining high quality. Where other, cheaper flooring will need replacing, a good hardwood is sustainable because it rarely needs to be upgraded.

When looking for sustainability, some can be off put by wood flooring because of the contribution to deforestation. Because of this, some turn to man made flooring.

However, this tends to be made of plastic, which won’t biodegrade, and is not fuel efficient to manufacture. Hardwood flooring from a sustainable source is better for the environment than laminate or vinyl flooring.

Do they scratch easily?

Walnut flooring is strong, but it isn’t particularly dense. That means it can suffer from scratches and scuffs. If you intend to install walnut flooring into your house, you must consider how to take care of it. Avoid moving heavy furniture, walk carefully, and maybe consider banning hard soled shoes.

Black walnut is a hardwood, but it’s on the softer end of the scale. That means that while it is still durable, it can become scratched and scuffed. Walnut flooring in a house with young children and pets may quickly start looking worse for wear.

If you do intend to purchase walnut flooring, be very careful with heavy furniture. One major cause for scuff marks is sliding furniture over the floor. It’s much better to lift and move the furniture, rather than dragging it.

To properly maintain walnut flooring, it’s best to pad the feet and underside of any furniture. Simple cork or felt pads can be attached to the legs of chairs and tables, or even on the bottom of large furniture such as bookshelves. This both relieves the pressure put on the floor, and reduces the risk of scratches.

For this reason, you may prefer to have your walnut flooring in places that don’t get a lot of foot traffic. Hallways, for example, may not be the best place for walnut flooring. Instead, save it for a master bedroom, or a dining room. Walnut wood is very attractive to look at, so it needs to be shown at its best.

As a darker wood, small scratches don’t tend to show up as badly as they do on lighter colored woods. With care, your walnut flooring can last for a long time, with no visible damage.

Clean the floors regularly, and check for signs of wear. If you feel some areas are getting scratched easily, an artfully placed rug might be the solution to your problem.