Can You Glue Down Solid Hardwood Flooring?

When you decide to install hardwood flooring, you have different options for the installation. You can get floating boards, you can nail them to the subfloor, or you can glue the wood floor. If you plan to nail the floor boards down, you need to make sure that you have a plywood subfloor, but you can glue it to plywood or concrete. Take a look at the steps you would take to install your hardwood flooring.

Gluing Hardwood Flooring

You can fix hardwood flooring to your subfloor by gluing it. If your subfloor is concrete, you don’t have a choice because you can’t nail into the concrete. You can also glue the wood flooring to a plywood subfloor if you want to.

Gluing Hardwood Flooring

You will need to use a flexible flooring adhesive because it is designed to let your wood floor expand and contract as it needs to. When you start, you should begin with the longest wall. Apply the adhesive with a trowel, and install one section at a time. You can place the hardwood flooring on top of the adhesive and push the wood boards together. You can use flooring straps to hold the boards together, but you don’t need to glue the boards to each other.

When Should I Nail My Hardwood Flooring?

You can only nail your hardwood flooring if it has a plywood subfloor. It isn’t possible to nail into concrete. The wood has to be at least 18 mm thick if you plan to nail it, and the boards should run perpendicular to the existing floor boards. You need to use flat nails that have teeth on either side to make sure that it holds the wood in place.

When you nail the wood, you do it at the place where the tongue is. Use a rubber mallet to push the nails in at a 45 degree angle. This way they will be hidden so that they won’t interfere with the aesthetics of the hardwood floor.

Pros and Cons of Gluing Hardwood Floors

When you decide to glue hardwood floors, there are advantages and disadvantages. It is a very stable technique for installing hardwood floors, and it is one of the only options if the subfloor is concrete. As long as the job is done correctly, it will last a long time without raising up or moving out of place. The glue holds the wood boards still, and the floor is less likely to creak and squeak down the road.

Gluing Hardwood Floors

However, there are a few disadvantages. It is not the easiest way for a homeowner to install their own floor. When this method is used, it is important to prepare the subfloor properly to prevent uneven floorboards. The subfloor also has to be completely clean before installing it. You also need to use the right glue so that it bonds correctly.

What Kind of Glue Do You Use to Glue Down Flooring?

When you install hardwood floors with glue, you need to use the right kind of glue. The glue is a glue down adhesive, and the one you choose has a large impact on the success of the installation. There are two primary adhesives that you can use: urethane adhesive glue down and water-based adhesive glue down.

The urethane adhesive is the most popular, and it can only be used on solid hardwood flooring. It shouldn’t be used on engineered wood. You need to use the right cleaning products to prepare the subfloor for the installation. Water-based adhesives are easier to use. You can use weight to let the flooring set.

Should I Glue Down Floating Hardwood Flooring?

You don’t need to glue down floating hardwood flooring. The planks in floating wood use a locking mechanism to secure and hold each one in place. There are a few floating wood manufacturers that do recommend using an adhesive, but the recommendation comes from the manufacturer.

When you install the floors, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. You want your floors to last for many years to come, and the installation is critical to the longevity of the flooring. If you are using a concrete subfloor, you don’t have a choice. You have to glue the boards down. You can also use floating wood flooring with this subfloor.

If you have a plywood subfloor, you have options. Gluing the floors can be more durable, so people often choose it when it’s possible.

Final Words

One of the installation methods that people use for solid hardwood flooring is a glue adhesive. You run it along the subfloor and stick the wood planks directly to the subfloor. If you have a concrete floor, you will have to use glue because you can’t nail into it. It is important to make sure that the subfloor is properly installed and prepared before you start, and then pay close attention to make sure that you use an adhesive recommended by the manufacturer.