Removing Varnish from Hardwood Floors without Sanding

Varnish is part of what makes the floor attractive. It is also important in protecting the floor from a number of things that encourage wear and tear. Sometimes, however, you may need to remove the varnish that maybe looks old or you just want to change the appearance. Removing the varnish might be a difficult process if you do not know how to do it. Additionally, you should have a number of tools that can aid in making the varnish come off the hardwood floor before you can apply a new layer of varnish. The process however doesn’t happen very regularly.  The process is most common with sanding but today we have our focus on removing varnish from hardwood floors without sanding. It is not so common but it is very efficient and time-saving. 

There is more than one method that you can use for this and we are going to look at a number of them and what they actually need. You should have a few tools for the process too. You will need the following; 

  • A chemical-resistant scraper 
  • A mop 
  • A paintbrush 
  • A paint stripper 
  • Vacuum cleaner 
  • Protective gear 

Sometimes you can call in an expert for the best results and be sure of the results. However, it is still very possible and workable to remove varnish from hardwood floors by yourself since this time we don’t have to do sanding, which is usually the most difficult part of it. You will need to have information about how it goes for you to be able to carry out the process on your own. Now, let’s look at some of the methods we have and how to go about them. If you are so inclined, feel free to check out our Bona cleaner review here.

Method of Removing Varnish from Hardwood Floors without Sanding

Using the chemical resistant stripper 

This method is very easy but it takes some more time than others. What you would need to do with the tins method is clean the floor very well, you can use any of your preferred methods of cleaning. Then vacuum the floor. After the floor is totally clean, you can use the scraper to get rid of the varnish at the rate that it needs to be done. Make sure to get to every part. After you’re sure the floor is totally free from the varnish, you can now clean off the debris. Preferably you should sweep off before vacuuming or just mop the floor then leave it to dry. Always be in protective gear when handling this since some of these particles might find their way into the eye and it can cause a problem. 

Using a paint strip 

The other easy way of removing varnish from hardwood floors without sanding is by use of a paint strip. For the paint strip, there are so many brands and you can always select the one that you prefer most. The procedure for using a paint strip is simple. Preferably, you should have it in a metallic bowl from where you can pay it directly on the floor. Apply it gently on the floor then use a paintbrush that is tough bristled to spread over the floor. 

Leave it for about an hour to sit. It will be dry when you come back and you can use the scraper to remove the varnish. It would come off so easily. You can then wipe off the floor with some paper towel or a mop depending on the size of the area. Apply some mineral spirits to neutralize the paint stripper and generally San the area. 

Paint strippers come in different forms and types. You really have to know the intensity of the varnish you need to clear. There are gel strippers, which can work very well in removing the varnish from deep layers, there are liquid strippers and there are spray strippers that are resupplied in aerosol cans. With the paint strippers, it is all about paying the paint stripper, leaving it to settle before wiping it off or moping it off. When using strippers of any type, make sure you work with manageable sections of the floor to make the job more efficient. 

Using an electric paint remover 

For the electric paint remover, it involves heating up the floor with the electric paint remover before scrapping it off with the metal scraper. The electric paint remover is not hard to use. It just involves moving it around to heat up the floor in order to remove the varnish. An electric paint can be rented if you are not an expert. It is efficient. After moving it over the floor, leave the floor to dry for some time before scrapping out the varnish. 

After using any of the above methods to clean up the varnish from the floor, it is always important to make sure you clean it over again to see the sections that still have the varnish and need to be worked on still.  You can consider sweeping it over or mopping or vacuuming to remove any debris from the scrapping. After this, the floor would be clean of the varnish. 

Final Word 

Removing varnish from hardwood floors without sanding is not that complicated as it may sound. It is however one of the many things that you do not have to be an expert to do. 

You can simply find the tools and maybe chemicals that are needed and do the job as we have discussed above. It is always important to make sure that we are in protective gear, especially goggles and gloves when we are using the chemical components and stripping off the varnish. Sometimes, one method might fail in doing the perfect job, in such cases, you might want to combine more than one method for efficiency. Most methods do work though and you do not have to worry about not getting results in the end. The methods we selected have almost a similar level of efficiency and you can use any of them with just about the same level of ease.