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Best Soft Bristle Broom for Hardwood Floors [2021 Reviews]

Regular dusting is one of the best practices for maintaining a hardwood floor. In most homes, a broom is a standard fixture and an old standby. It's kind of hard to imagine a home without a broom, really. 

But not all brooms are made the same. Hardwood floors require a broom that won't damage it — which requires special considerations and design. So, we've gone and made a list: The following are the best brooms that will not scratch your floor surface's finish.

Natural rubber bristles are soft and therefore gentle on hardwood floors. Natural rubber easily picks up and traps animal fur and other small debris. This makes soft, rubber-bristled brooms ideal for sweeping hardwood floors.

Besides a broom, vacuums and microfiber dust mops are also the best options for cleaning hardwood floors. The microfiber material attracts and holds onto dust, dirt debris, and pet hair without letting it escape into the air.

In addition to daily dusting or sweeping, vacuuming on a weekly basis is very important. A vacuum cleaner removes all the dust to the tiniest particles from the floor and further reduces allergens from the air as well.

While there are many types of brooms — honestly, countless types — we have reviewed and recommend the following as the world’s best brooms for a hardwood floors as well as other surfaces.

Best Soft Bristle Broom for Hardwood Floors


LandHope Push Broom Long Handle Rubber Bristles Sweeper Squeegee Edge 54 inches Non Scratch Bristle Broom for Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Hardwood Tile Windows Clean Water Resistant (Telescopic)

This is the perfect broom. It effortlessly cleans hardwood floors, area rugs, and carpet.

The rubber bristles easily pick up and collect dust, pet hair, and other debris without scratching the wood finish or spreading the dirt around. 

If you are a pet owner, you will enjoy how the bristles gently scrape down and ball up cat or dog hair from your carpet.

Equipped with extra-long and adjustable handle, the broom suits every user regardless of their height. That means tall individuals can sweep comfortably without straining their back, or vice versa for those on the short side. The handle can be adjusted for varying heights.

The squeegee edge is a unique feature of this broom which enables you to mop up liquid spills as well as clean windows and car windshields. This is something you should not miss in your home if you have pets and kids around.

After using the LandHope Rubber Bristle Sweeper, wash it to get rid of the dust and hair from the bristles. The broom is easily washable with soapy water and dries fast.


  • Effective for cleaning pet hair — pet owners take note
  • Suitable for multiple surfaces such as walls, hardwood floors and carpets
  • Has an adjustable handle thus no back problems when using
  • Can clean up liquid spills from the floor
  • Dries fast after washing
  • Rubber is easy to maintain and lasts long


  • The adjustable handle lacks a locking mechanism
  • The bristles wear off and separate from the bar after some time
  • With time, the brush gets loose at a junction that connects the head and the handle


This an all-purpose broom that you should consider especially if you have kids and pets in your home. After a long period of use, normal wear and tear happens.

With many advantages, we recommend this broom as the best for your hardwood floor and other surfaces in your home.


RAVMAG Rubber Broom

The broom is equipped with extremely soft bristles made from natural rubber. The uniquely designed bristles make the broom exceptional at picking up dust, pet hair and other debris from your hardwood and other surfaces such as carpets, walls, tiles, and even outdoor areas like the patio.

The two-in-one broom has a squeegee that mops any liquid spills on a floor or cleans windows and car windshields.

Its sturdy construction means it's heavy duty, allowing it to be used both indoors and outdoors. With a long handle, users won't ruin their posture during floor sweeping and can still reach ceilings, roofs, and other high areas.

It is lightweight and thus easy to maneuver and use for prolonged cleaning sessions. Maintenance is easy: All you need to do is wash it with water and detergent to remove germs, debris, and hair from the bristles.


  • Effective at picking up animal hair
  • Lightweight long handle for easy use
  • Soft bristles that are gentle on any surface
  • Can mop liquid spills and dry wet floors
  • Durable natural rubber that requires little maintenance
  • Sturdy and long lasting broom


  • Not always easy to reach tight corners
  • Suffers wear and tear after many years of use


This is a versatile broom that can make your floors sparkling clean without scratches. It is worth having in your home, especially if you have pets


FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom and Lint Brush Combo with Squeegee and Telescoping Handle That Extends from 3-5'

It's in the name: This broom is specifically designed with pet fur in mind, and does a fantastic job at picking it up. Its natural rubber attracts hair from all sorts of surfaces — including hardwood floors, of course. But you can also use it on linoleum, carpets, windows, walls, or even rugs. Try countertops even. It's like magic. 

Its telescoping handle means it's suitable for users of all heights. And its simple, durable design means it's able to survive wash after wash with negligible damage.

Its squeegee edge also means it's able to clean up spills on just about any surface, including those made by pets — since sometimes they leave more than just unwanted fur. 


  • Natural rubber is a fur magnet
  • Squeegee edge, great for cleaning spills
  • Telescopic handle means anyone can use it
  • Super easy to clean
  • Durable


  • We're struggling to think of a con with this one...


Casabella Broom, Wayclean Wide Angle, Taupe and Green, Black

This broom has been specially designed for comfort and ease of use. The densely arranged bristles will pick up far more dirt and dust than the average broom so you don’t have to keep going over the same spots. 

High density also means that the bristles can stay soft and still pick up lots of dirt without damaging or scratching your hard wood floors. 

One of the most unique features of this broom is the wide angled head. The width of the head will make cleaning up even quicker as you will be able to go over large areas. The angle of the head will make this easier than if you were to use a longer broom. The angled head will also help to go around corners.


  • Can be dissembled into four easy-to-store pieces
  • Angled broom head
  • Affordable
  • Available to buy with “frustration free packaging” at a lower price


  • Depending on how you hold the broom, the pieces might unscrew and need retightening


This broom is a great option if you find yourself cleaning up lots of difficult messes, such as cat litter or flour. The dense bristles will gently brush your floors without damaging them.


Broom and Dustpan/Broom with Dustpan Combo Set,Standing Dustpan Dust Pan with Long Handle 40'/52' for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby Indoor Floor Cleaning Broom Dustpan Set Upright

This soft-bristled broom from TreeLen is designed to be gentle on both your floors and your back during the sweeping process. 

Made of durable, chemical-resistant ABS plastic material and painted with rust-proof aluminum on the handle, you can be sure that this broom will be a long-lasting and practical utensil for your home.

The 4-layer, angled bristles ensure maximum dust and dirt collection with every sweep. The bristles are water-resistant and made of durable, environmentally-friendly fiber collected from recycled PET bottles. These bristles are not only sustainably constructed but also extra-soft, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your hardwood floors. 

Meanwhile, the 52-inch broom handle with included extension pole minimizes the need to bend down while sweeping for a more comfortable handling experience. 

The included dustpan is also designed for ease of use. The rubber lip on the edge of the dustpan makes sweeping debris into the pan easier, whilst the dustpan’s ability to lock into an ‘open’ position facilitates the emptying process. Additionally, the comb attached to the dustpan conveniently allows for bristle cleaning between uses.

When not in use, the broom clips neatly into the dustpan in an upright position for storage.


  • Durable ABS and aluminum construction 
  • 4-layer, angled bristles for effective sweeping 
  • Environmentally friendly, recycled bristle fiber 
  • Long broom handle minimizes the need to bend during sweeping
  • Locks into ‘open’ position for easy emptying 
  • Attached dustpan comb makes it easy to clean bristles 
  • Broom clips into dustpan for easy storage


  • Dustpan may not sit completely flush to the floor 


TreeLen Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set,Upright Dust Pan Combo for Home, Kitchen, Room, Office, Lobby Floor Use Without Bending

This is a perfect lobby broom and a dust pan that gives you a chance to sweep and collect dirt without bending your back.

The broom has soft bristles for hardwood and other surfaces such as tiles and garage floors. It effectively sweeps and carry dirt debris, human hair and pet fur into the garbage.

The long handle of both the sweeper and dustpan gives you upright stand up cleaning experience.

The dustpan has an inbuilt scrapper and teeth that comb the broom into the dustpan. With one pull on the teeth, all the debris, human and pet hair are removed from the bristles.

It also has a flexible lip with angled rubber that holds tight to the surface for maximum pickup of tiny debris.

The combo offers you an easy and compact storage as the broom snaps into the dustpan and stands upright. Made from quality plastic and with a steel handle, this broom/dustpan combo set is durable and strong on both hard and soft floors.

It is recommended for indoor use.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Strong and reliable
  • Easy to clean while upright standing
  • Compact upright storage
  • Effective on both hard and soft floors


  • Dust may sweep under the dustpan if not correctly placed
  • Recommended only for indoor use
  • Quite cumbersome to use especially as a starter
  • Cannot mop liquid spills


This is a suitable cleaning set that effectively cleans dust and hair with ease. Gives the comfort of cleaning without bending your back and allows for a longer cleaning session.

This broom is right for home, office, or garage cleaning.


OXO Large Upright Sweep Set

OXO's Good Grips is a versatile sweeper with flagged soft bristles suitable for hard wood floors and others.

It is designed for cleaning larger areas as the feathered bristles gathers dust, debris, and hair into the large dustpan. Both the broom and dustpan handles can be extended to allow you an upright posture while sweeping.

The set also offers great convenience for broom cleaning into the dustpan. The teeth comb the bristles for fresh cleaning. With a lip that grips tightly to the floor surface, no dirt can go underneath it. The dustpan then locks open for easy emptying into the garbage.

Made with an aluminum pole with non-slip grips, the broom retracts with a quick twist for easy maneuvering and sweeping of dust into the dustpan. After use, the broom snaps into the closed dustpan and offers upright compact storage.


  • Efficient at cleaning hair and dust
  • Comfortable to use while standing
  • Convenient storage
  • Can be used on large areas
  • Has an adjustable handle


  • With time the broom gets worn out faster than the dustpan
  • Has no squeegee for mopping liquid spills


The broom grabs pet and human hair without causing any damage to hardwood. It is what you need if you are battling a pet hair problem in your home.

It can be used outdoors as well, making it truly versatile.


Fur Buster Rubber Broom with Squeegee - Pet Hair Removal -Dog Hair - Cat Hair - Water Spills - Multipurpose Surfaces - Extendable Pole Makes Cleaning Easy

This is a multipurpose surface cleaner that has soft rubber bristles and a squeegee.

Fur Buster Rubber Broom effectively sweeps dust, dirt, lint, and pet hair from carpets, rugs, and hard wood floors.

The squeegee feature makes it usable for cleaning windows, car windshields, or both dry and wet outdoor areas. It greatly wipes away liquid spills from tiles, hardwoods, or outdoor surfaces such as patios and concrete.

The broom has an adjustable handle that makes it convenient for anyone regardless of their height. This feature also makes it to be able to reach flooring areas, roof and ceilings.

Cleaning and maintenance is easy. To sanitize and remove debris and hair from the bristles, wash with soapy water. Natural rubber is long lasting so you can therefore expect many years of use from this product.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Effective for cleaning pet and human hair
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • Multipurpose surface cleaner


  • With time the handle may get loose


We rate this as an excellent soft bristle broom for hardwood floors and other surface in your home. This is due to its easy usability and gentle nature.

With a little maintenance, this broom can give you service for many years.

Best Soft Bristle Broom for Hardwood Floors Buying Guide

What to Look for in a Broom for Hard wood Floors

When you have a hardwood floor, the most important feature to consider in a broom is the nature of bristles. Various bristles are designed for different applications.

Soft synthetic bristles are ideal for hardwoods due to their flexible and gentle nature. There are two common types of bristles namely:

  • Flagged: Bristles are frayed at the end, thus gentle
  • Unflagged: Bristles are straight at the end, thus stiff

Flagged bristles are soft and gentle and therefore a better choice for hard wood floors. Unflagged bristles, on the other hand, are stiff and suitable for outdoor surfaces such as patios, concrete, and bigger open places.

However, you will find multipurpose surface brooms with soft bristles that are designed for any job.

Should you clean a broom?

A clean broom leaves your floors sparkling and also lasts longer. So, should you clean a broom?

Yes. During cleaning, a broom gets dirty and if you continue to use it in that state, your floors will also get smudged, smelly, or scratched.

A dirty broom can also harbor harmful bacterial and microscopic organisms. To ensure everything is working well, clean your broom on a regular basis. How do you clean a broom?

1. Remove solids debris

Begin by getting rid of dust, hair and other dirt clinging to your broom. Bang it on a hard surfaces such as a wall or floor to loosen up the bristles and remove entangled hair by hand or with a hard brush.

If you have a vacuum, simply take the upholstery attachment and vacuum the bristles to remove dust and allergens.

2. Soak in soapy water

Take a bucket and prepare some soapy water using a dish washing soap. Completely submerge the bristles in the solution including the dust pan.

Soap will act on germs and other microscopic organisms. Let it sit for 15 minutes before you rinse.

3. Rinse and dry

Rinse the broom in running water and rub the bristles with a hard brush to remove any dirt.

Clean the handle as well with the soapy water and rinse it. Hang the broom and let it air dry before you store or use it.

The Bottom Line

Always use the right device or product for cleaning your hard wood floor.

Protect the finish for a long lasting wood floor. Sweep with a broom that has synthetic soft bristles but effective on grabbing dust, small dirt particles and hair.

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