Is Oak Good For Flooring?

If you are renovating your home, then you probably have a lot to consider and think about. Most of your time is probably taken up with choosing paint samples, furniture and interior decor.

This is why we want to make your life that little bit easier, and help you find the perfect hardwood flooring for your home.

You may not have considered hardwood flooring before, as there are many myths that it damages easily, is not scratch resistant, or that there are better types of flooring out there.

We’re here to tell you that oak flooring is a wonderful choice if you want to bring a touch of class to your interior, with an oak hardwood floor that is not only attractive, but built to last.

So, let’s take a look at what oak flooring is like, and whether it is worth your time!

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Is Oak Good For Flooring

Is oak good for flooring?

Oak wood is an extremely popular choice of hardwood flooring around the world. There are over 600 species of oak, with many hailing from North America, and some originating in Europe.

The tree itself, the Oak tree is a symbol of strength, power and longevity, but this may be because oak wood replicates all of those qualities, being a strong, long lasting and durable wood itself.

The oak wood tends to range in color, from blondey woods to very dark tones, but what most people enjoy about this type of wood is its tonal range and varying textures in the patterns. If you love grainy, natural wood, then you will love the look of oak wood.

Oak wood can be purchased in many different tones, but whichever you choose, your floor will have unique and distinctive markings for an expensive and classy look. What is even better is that oak is extremely resistant to humidity and moisture, and so will fit right in with your home.

One of the main draws and benefits of having oak wood flooring is that it is so resistant to dents, scratches and markings. This means that you do not have to worry so much about damaging the floor, as oak is highly durable, hard wearing and sturdy.

How much does oak wood flooring cost?

There is no final answer to this question, as it depends on the wood you use, and how long it takes to install, or whether you hire a professional to install the hardwood flooring in your home.

However, on average, a hardwood floor installation can cost anywhere between $2000-3000, depending on whether your previous floor needs removing, and the cost of labor in your area.

Oak is also a mid-grade wood, which can usually be around $5 to $10 per square foot to purchase, and then you can install it yourself if you are handy and know how, to save you some of the cost!

Despite the high price tag that comes with installing any type of hardwood flooring, you should keep in mind that oak lasts so long, and this is an investment in your home that will only get better with age.

You may choose a cheaper option for your flooring, and find that it marks or damages easily, and you will have to replace it sooner. In most cases, you will never have to replace your oak wood due to its high resistance to damage.

Do oak floors scratch easily?

Sometimes, the main issue with hardwood floors is that they can damage easily, and they have to be cleaned specifically with gentler products because of their delicate nature. This is not the case with oak flooring. Oak flooring is known and loved for its durability.

One of the biggest benefits that oak flooring is known for is its tendency to withstand so many bumps, knocks and scratches.

Oak flooring is tough to resist scratches from moving furniture, dog and cat claws, along with various dents and marks from everyday life, or from dropping pots and pans.

Is oak better than maple?

You may be wondering if oak floors are as good as maple, or if you should choose maple over wood, and we’re here to help.

Oak is definitely the more popular of the two for using as hardwood in the home, but if we look at the hardiness of oak compared to maple, then yes maple is a little stronger, but not by much.

However, both types of wood can last for decades, and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The good thing about these woods is that they tend to age more like a fine wine, getting much better as the years pass, without needing replacement.

You may choose oak over maple however for its aesthetic value. Oak has many more variations, colors and tones to choose from that will fit in with, or improve your home interior massively.

In addition, oak wood tends to have more characteristics, such as grains, undertones and natural patterns in the wood that can give it that natural, traditional and cozy feel.

We cannot say whether oak is better than maple, as they are both incredibly durable hardwoods that look great on your floors, the answer really comes down to personal preference, and how you want the floors to look.

If you are looking for a wide variety of natural, grainy and stunning woods, then go for oak.

Is oak flooring durable?

Oak flooring is often referred to as the king of hardwood floors, as this type of wood only gets better with age, and is incredibly long lasting. Hardwood oak flooring is extremely durable, strong, and can last for hundreds of years.

One of the main appeals of having oak flooring, other than its attractive appearance is that oak is highly resistant to denting and scratching, or general wear and tear.

Therefore, if you have a home that is very busy, or the oak flooring is in a high traffic area, then it may be a better choice for your needs, as it will last much longer, and is highly durable.