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Is Bona Floor Cleaner good for Hardwood Floors?

The main secrete of protecting and maintaining a beautiful hardwood floor is to know how to clean it, the best products to use and the right tool for the task. Basically, I used to find it difficult dealing with dirt and grime on my floor but since I discovered that, it has become easy to clean and I do it without any worry.

There are many cleaners for hardwood floors on the market and you may be confused on choosing the best and safe one. Some cleaners may not be safe on your floor especially after a long time use, you could see a white haze, or streaks, foot and pet prints right after using. Safety is also important especially when you have children or pets in your home. Be sure to use a product that will not harm them or even you yourself.

Bona is one best cleaner that I love so much. Since I started using It, I gained courage and confidence in cleaning. The first time I used it on my old hardwood floors of our colonial house. All the marks and sticky spots were gone and the floor looked shiny and clear.

If you have never used this product, you would want to know if it is really good on your hardwood floor. The immediate answer is yes. In details I will explain to you what Bona is, how to use, what it comes and a general guide on how to maintain, care and protect your hardwood floors.

What is Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner?

Bona is one impeccable cleaning product that has a big name by a highly reputable company with vast experience in cleaning wood. It is a water based cleaner that easily removes dirt and grime from finished wood flooring without leaving behind any blemish or causing any damage.

The solution is applied directly on the floor without mixing with any other ingredient and wiped using Bona pads. It dries ultra-quick without leaving behind any streaks or wet spots on your sealed hardwood floor.

Bona cleaner works best with a reusable bona cleaning pads that can be laundered. There are refills in various quantities of jugs and you don’t need to buy another full spray bottle again.

About safety, this product has been certified as safe by Green Guard Gold and can comfortably be used in schools and healthcare facilities. Children, pets and people with sensitive respiratory system can be comfortable with it as well.

If we consider how effective Bona is in comparison to the cost, I can say that it is worth an investment. Also due to available refills, I can say it will be cheaper in the long run.

Why is Bona Good? (Pros)

Here are the benefits of using this cleaner;

  1. Bona uses a water based formula for dealing with sticky spots and also for cleaning the entire floor. That includes the sticky food spots, muddy paw prints and pet urine just in one bottle.
  2. Bona spray dries faster without giving you a dull floor but instead you get a natural shine of your hardwood floor. You therefore don’t have to wait for the floor to dry.
  3. This product is nontoxic and will not harm children or pets in the house. People with allergies or respiratory problems can use it without worries too.
  4. While using, you don’t need to rinse the floor. That means you are saved the hustle of moving around with a bucket.
  5. It is always gentle on floor and does not contain harsh chemicals that can give you a shiny floor today and a dull one in future.
  6. Bona Cleaning Pad or mop head can be rinsed in water or be laundered when they are soiled. That makes it convenient and economical unlike the disposable pads.
  7. Using this cleaner on large floors with or without sticky spots is more convenient and a way of saving time. It instantly removes dirt and grime without rinsing or waiting longer.

Possible shortcomings (Cons)

  1. Does not disinfect therefore possibility of household germs and bacteria
  2. Not your choice if you prefer a high shine. It only gives you a natural shine of wood floor.
  3. May require several passes to remove old spots especially if you are using bona for first time
  4. The sprayer may be difficult to detach especially when you are refilling for the first time.

How often should you clean hardwood floors with Bona?

You need a regular cleaning as the best practice for a shiny and lasting wooden floor. Bona has made it easy to clean your floor simply by spraying and wiping. Nevertheless, good maintenance of your floor will make it beautiful all the time. Here are tips you should always obey:

  • Soak up liquid spills immediately. If you let them dry you may use excessive water to remove them, which is not good for wooden floors. Dried spills may also cause permanent stains.
  • Avoid using traditional household cleaners on your floor such as soap based cleaners or wax they will leave a dull floor finish besides damaging it.
  • Vacuum your floor with the right cleaner on a regular basis to remove debris before you mop it.
  • Avoid moving furniture across the wooden floor. Lift them while carrying or use gliding furniture pads.
  • Put protective pads or caps on legs of your furniture
  • Place mats or rugs near doorways and in areas with high traffic so that sand and grit can be trapped.
  • Remove your shoes or heels upon entering the house to avoid dents on your floor
  • Groom your pet well to avoid hairs on floor and claws from scratching the floor.

How do you use Bona on Hardwood Floor?

Bona is easy and simple to use. All you need to do is begin by vacuuming using the right vacuum cleaner for hardwood floors. This will be followed by the following simple steps:

  1. Check to see if the floor has spots or grime and directly spray them with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner to dissolve.
  2. Wipe the floor using a Bona Cleaning Pad/ Mop
  3. If the pad becomes soiled, simply rinse in water and wring thoroughly before you continue.

Some floors may be too dull or scratches and after the cleaning you may not see a good change. However, you can make them shiny again by applying Bona Wood Floor Polish or Refresher using a Bona Applicator Pad after every 2-3 months. Depending on how you use your floor, experts recommend deep cleaning, sanding and refinishing after every 3-5 years.

Weekly maintenance of your floor will give you an easy cleaning time. Wood floor vacuum cleaners and washable microfiber pad for dusting and mops are suitable for weekly cleaning. They are also good for getting dirt out of hard to reach areas like corners, under the furniture and grout. Steam Cleaners for Hardwood Floors can also be used when you want to disinfect your home. The high temperature of steam kills household germs and bacteria.

However, you should be careful when using these methods. Vacuums cleaners can scratch and damage your floor especially if they are not designed for hardwood floors. While using steam and mops ensure that you don’t leave behind too much water which easily damages wood floors permanently.

Daily dusting of your floors is highly recommended for an all-time shiny floor. This can be done by using a microfiber mop. Broom may be used but I personally don’t like it since it only pushes dirt around. Microfiber mop should be used carefully without lifting it up off the floor to keep dirt and debris trapped on the pad.


Bona is one of the best cleaning solutions for hardwood floors that you cannot go wrong with. It protects and naturally shine your floor without using any harsh chemical elements. It is therefore worth having for your safety and that of your floor as well.


Good cleaning of your wooden floor involves the use of right products and methods. Wooden floors are beautiful and worth having them in our homes. Therefore, it is always a good to do the right thing.

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