How to Stop Sofa from Moving on Wood Floor

Do you have a sofa that slides on your wood flooring? This is a common problem for those who have hardwood floors and don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting felt pads under their furniture. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to stop sofa from moving on wood floor without any expensive sliders.

How to Stop Sofa from Moving on Wood Floor?

Here are 7 simple ways as regards how to stop sofa from moving on wood floor.

  • Use rubber furniture pads instead of felt furniture pads

Rubber furniture pads will be able to hold up against your sofa much longer. They will also slightly change the height of your sofa over time because they may sink in the flooring due to their weight. 

Try using rubber pads attached to feet or gliders for wooden floors instead of felt pads. 

This will be less expensive while still being able to stop the movement between your furniture and wood flooring. You can also use metal shims or put additional boards underneath each leg if the pad sinks too far into the ground over time.

Felt furniture pads are effective at stopping some sofas from moving around on some types of floors but they don’t work well with all types of flooring surfaces. They are usually made out of a low-quality material that is not equipped to handle heavy furniture or weighty flooring.

Rubber furniture pads are made out of rubber, making them more durable than felt pads on wooden floors. They are typically round in shape and can be found in some home improvement stores for about $1 each. 

Just attach the rubber leg pads directly on top of felt pads since they will allow your furniture to slide around less often while still helping to reduce noise if you have wood floors.

  • Use double-sided tape between furniture legs

This will definitely stop your sofa from sliding on wood floors but it isn’t exactly an aesthetically pleasing or easy solution. Double-sided tape is applied between each leg of your furniture and the floor so it can effectively help prevent movement. 

It is best used with only lightweight sofas because heavier furniture may cause damage to the finish of your flooring if they are stuck in place for too long.

You may be wondering, how do I know which type of tape to use? The answer depends on what you have available at home or what you prefer to buy at the store. There are various types of double-sided tapes that usually come in an envelope with two separate parts inside. 

Which one you purchase depends on whether you want a strong adhesive that is tougher to remove or a weaker adhesive that can be removed easily.

Furniture carpet tape made out of fabric is another alternative to using double-sided tape, but it may come in different sizes and you will usually need to use many pieces to cover your entire floor. 

Unlike regular furniture pads, carpet tape comes with a strong adhesive on both sides so one piece should be enough for each leg of your sofa and there should not be any extra spacing between the legs and the floor. This type of double-sided tape is perfect for hardwood floors because it won’t peel up paint or strip wood if applied correctly.

  • Place cardboard under sofa legs

This solution is one of the most popular methods but also has received mostly negative reviews because it does not work well with all types of sofas or chairs. You can place cardboard or stiff paper between your furniture legs and the floor to stop it from skidding.

  • Buy furniture that is made out of rubber, plastic, or metal

If you’re buying a new sofa, why not go for one that is made out of rubber or plastic and has metal parts so it will not slide on the floor and damage it? Furniture that is made of rubber, plastic, or metal is usually more expensive than ones made out of wood or fabric.  

However, they are better suited for hardwood floors and will not damage the flooring as easily as wooden sofas.

  • Use small metal shims at the bottom of sofa legs

If your current set of rubber sliders aren’t working well enough, you should also try placing small metal shims under each leg. These can make all difference when it comes to solving this problem. You can find these at your local hardware store or you can purchase them online.

  • Be careful when adding new furniture gliders

You should only add these on top of felt pads if they are square and not round in shape. This is because square metal shims work much better with square rubber feet than round felt pads. 

You should also make sure that you do not use molly bolts (also known as toggle bolts) to hold the metal shims in place because they will damage wooden floors. If needed, using wood glue to attach new leather caps on the bottom of each leg could also help reduce noise and prevent floor slipping.

  • Use small screws instead of furniture gliders for wooden floors

If you have smaller legs, you might want to try using small screws instead of furniture gliders. This is a home improvement project that most people can do on their own by purchasing the materials from most hardware stores. 

For about $4-10 per leg, you can attach plastic caps with round metal washers underneath each one. This will be able to hold up heavier sofas without sliding around too much on hardwood floors.

How To Stop Sofa From Moving On Wood Floor – Conclusion

These are just some of the simple ways on how to stop sofa from moving on wood floor and damaging it.  Heavy pieces of furniture or lighter ones slide around because they were not properly secured to the flooring itself. 

It is important that you think this through before making any quick decisions and buying new pieces of furniture for your homes. Just make sure that you take the time to research which type of flooring your home has before making any purchases.