How to Make Wood Floors Look New Again

Wood floors lose their luster and beauty over time. The good news is, it is possible to bring that luster back, and you do not always need professional help for that. Yes, you can rejuvenate your wood floor without spending a lot of money. Read this post to learn how to make wood floors look new again. (By the way, if your floor is sticky, find out what is causing that by clicking this link).

So, How Can You Make Your Flooring Look Newer Again…?

Just follow these simple steps and the results will amaze you.

  1. Identify the Wood Floor Type

Wood floors of several different types are available. What type do you have? Identify that before you dive into action. For laminated wood floors, professional cleaners often use soap and water and restore the inbuilt shine.

Restoring engineered hardwood floors requires a bit more effort. Identify the worn out areas and just address them.

If the wood absorbs the water, consider getting in touch with professionals. They will sand the floors down and refinish them.

  1. Do a Test

Do you need to refinish the wood floor? In some cases only sanding is enough. How do you know what to do? Well, you can tell that by doing a little test. So, before you learn how to make wood floors look new again, you have to learn how to conduct the test.

Here is how the test should be done:

Go to a store and buy some sanding paper. Clean a small part of the floor and then use the sanding paper to roughen the finish. Wipe the area clean again and then apply a thin layer of polyurethane on the area.

Wait until the substance dries. It may take up to 24 hours. Then, scrape a coin across the area. If you notice that the finish is intact, feel free to go ahead. And if the finish is cracked or flaky, get in touch with professionals and ask them to sand it down.

  1. Carefully Clean the Floor

It is important to clean the floor before you sand it with sanding paper. You can clean stains with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Use a blunt knife to scrape hardened dirt away.

Then vacuum or sweep the floor. If the floor is really dirty, wash the floor with a mixture of warm water and soap, and a mop. There are some cleaning products specifically designed for cleaning wood floors. You can use one of those products.

  1. Remove Your Wood Floor’s Top Layer

You can do it by screening the floor. The point is to make the floor rough by scratching up the finish. You may not need to remove it completely.

Along with the sanding paper, consider using a rotary floor buffer. Start at a point and then gradually cover the entire room. Avoid scratching one spot multiple times, because you do not want to remove the finish completely.

As you do this, wear a mask because usually plenty of dust is generated by the operation.

  1. Remove the Sanding Dust from the Floor

You will notice a lot of dust on the spot. So, it requires some more cleaning.

As you clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner, clean the windowsills and moldings as well. Make sure no dust is left there. Keep the windows open during the entire cleaning session.

Then clean the entire hardwood floor with some water and soap. Do not apply a layer of finish until the floor is completely dry.

  1. Complete the Project by Applying another Layer of Finish

Now, here is how to make wood floors look new again. Apply some polyurethane finish. Make sure you use a high-quality brush.

An applicator pad can make the job easier for you. Keep applying the finish until you have covered the entire room. Working with polyurethane is usually safe. However, wearing a respirator is a good idea.

Tips for Maintaining

You have learned how to make wood floors look new again. Now you have to know some important things about the care and maintenance because the durability of wood floors depends on how you protect and maintain them. Here are a few tips to remember:

  • Clean your floors regularly – Make sweeping or vacuuming a daily habit. If you do it regularly, there will not be any larger buildup of dirt, dust, and pet hair. Make it a habit and soon you will notice that it no longer feels like a chore.
  • Buy a couple of area rugs – Outside debris is accumulated in areas of high traffic. Put the rugs in those areas. These rugs will prevent dirt and small stones from coming via entranceways. It is also a good idea to put your coffee table or couch on an area rug.
  • Don’t mop brand new floors – Do not mop your brand new floors. Neither should you apply cleaning products on your shiny new floors, because these products will dull the luster. In the beginning, just sweep the floor.
  • Take your shoes off when entering the room – High heels, sports cleats, and other types of shoes can scratch your wood floors. They will also bring in small stones, dust, and dirt. Take your shoes off, because a small stone is enough to scratch your shiny new investment.
  • Don’t drag furniture – When you need to drag furniture from one place to another, pick it up rather than dragging it. Dragging your furniture is easy and tempting, but can scratch, even dent your wood floors. Pick the furniture up with a family member or friend.
  • Clean up spills – Accidents can happen. But the key is to take action right away. Whenever there is a spill, clean it up immediately. If moisture leaks into the boards, your floor will lose its luster.  

Final Thoughts

You can keep your wood floors looking brand new and shiny. However, it requires some effort on your part. Small changes in your habit such as using area rugs and not dragging your furniture can make a huge difference. Wood floor maintenance is not a one-time task. So, make it a part of your daily life.