How to Keep Recliner From Sliding on Wood Floor?

Who does not love the sophisticated and clean hardwood floor in their homes? A good hardwood floor instantly enhances the ambiance of your home and adds to your aesthetic.

Engineered hardwood is taking over the market by storm as more and more people have started investing in it. It does not easily give in to extreme weather conditions, and neither does it require high maintenance like solid wood floors. This highlights the fact that spending your money on a high-end engineered hardwood floor goes a long way.

However, when your furniture starts sliding on the hardwood floor, it can turn into an unpleasant experience. The back-and-forth movement of the furniture leads to scratches on the floor, which gives it an unsightly appearance.

How Do I Get My Recliner to Not Slide on Hardwood Floor?

If your recliner keeps sliding on hardwood floors causing inconvenience and ruining the elegance of your hardwood floor, do not fret over it. A lot of people face the same problem with hardwood floors, so you are not alone. Fortunately, the interior design industry has made numerous solutions available for you.

How Do I Get My Recliner to Not Slide on Hardwood Floor

Even if your recliner does not slide noticeably, it is better to have some knowledge beforehand to avoid the issue. This is because whenever you pull out the footrest to relax or doze off for an hour or two, the footrest slides against the floor.

With time, these scratches become prominent, and managing the damage becomes difficult. Thus, you need to be aware of the preventive measures.

What Can I Put under My Recliner to Stop It from Sliding?

There are several ways to stop your recliners from sliding on the hardwood floor. The most effective and easiest way is to put a rug or carpet under the furniture. This gives your sitting room an appealing look, all the while taking care of your hardwood floor. If you do not have too many carpets in one room, you can use small non-slip rugs or pads to limit the movement of furniture legs.

What Can I Put under My Recliner to Stop It from Sliding

Similarly, you can anchor the furniture to the floor. Although it is more appropriate for concrete floors, you can immobilize the wheels or legs of the furniture using metal bases and screws.

3 Ways to Prevent Your Recliner from Scratching Hardwood Floors

You can use other items to prevent the furniture feet from scratching your hardwood floors. You can buy these items from a home improvement store near you or order online. Some of these include:

1. Non-Slip Rubber Furniture Grippers

Rubber grippers are an excellent option if you are looking for a short-term solution. Rubber grippers do not have sticky adhesive material, so you do not end up dealing with the glue residue.

Non-Slip Rubber Furniture Grippers

You can easily remove and dispose of them when you no longer require them. These grippers are easily available at furniture stores. The grippers are generally available in small discs since most furniture items sit on for legs. Since the recliners have a broad base, you can buy multiple gripper discs and arrange them underneath the recliner.

These grippers are also available in the form of gripper pads preferred for area rugs. You can cut out the edges of the pad and place it underneath the recliner so that it is not visible.

2. Corks

Corks are an excellent option for stopping the recliner feet from sliding on the hardwood floors. You can easily buy pre-cut cork squares and attach them to the recliner’s metal feet. These cork squares are non-permanent adhesives that do not leave the sticky residue behind.

The corks are a bit thicker than rubber grippers, so they lift the furniture a bit as well. In addition to that, these corks are an environmentally friendly option, and you can use them with a crystal-clear conscience.

3. Small Mats

One of the recliners’ advantages over traditional chairs is that a recliner base has a broader surface area. Therefore, they can hide a significant area of the floor underneath. You can benefit from this by putting a small piece of a non-slip mat or a rug underneath the recliner. It is better to buy the smallest mat available to cover the recliner’s metal framework area.

Small Mats

If you do not want to disrupt the interior of your room with a small mat, it is better to get one that goes with either the recliner or the color of your hardwood floors.

How Do You Keep Couches from Sliding on Hardwood Floors?

When you finally decide to sit down on your sofa or couch after a long, exhausting day, the last thing you want is to slide across the room. Since the furniture legs have a smooth finish, sliding on the hardwood floor is common for heavy furniture.

How Do You Keep Couches from Sliding on Hardwood Floors

You can take a small carpet from your home and put it under the furniture to see your wood floor from scratches. But if you are okay with spending a few pennies, rubber pads are the solution. These rubber pads provide a good grip on the furniture and are the inexpensive and easiest way to prevent your couch from sliding on hardwood flooring.

Since these furniture pads do not require adhesives to stick them to the furniture feet, you can easily remove them while changing the setting.

How Do You Keep a Recliner from Sliding on a Tile Floor?

Tile floors are very similar to hardwood floors, and the slipping and sliding of the recliner feet can put you in the way of serious injury. The long-term sliding of the recliner feet can also scratch the tile floors. The most hassle-free way to deal with the problem is to get furniture grip pads and put them under your recliner. These grip pads are non-adhesive, rubbers pads that are slightly thicker than the felt pads.

Therefore, you will not face the problem of the furniture legs sinking into the pads.


We have all faced the problem of the recliner legs sliding on hardwood flooring. But, there is no need to worry about that anymore. This article highlights some of the easiest and inexpensive ways for you to prevent furniture from ruining your hardwood floors.

Whether it is a couch, a recliner, or chairs, the rubber pads and pre-cut cork square can save the day. These are also practical in the long run, as you can remove them and reapply.