How To Get Water Spots Off Hardwood Floors

Water stains on hardwood floors may give the impression that they are irreparably damaged. Fortunately, there are various techniques you can employ to restore the appearance of your wooden floors at home. 

How To Get Water Spots Off Hardwood Floors

Before you begin, do your best to identify the nature of the particular stain and also how long it has been present before cleaning it. A white watermark is the most frequent sort of staining. This stain shows that water has infiltrated the wood’s coating.

There are numerous methods for removing water stains from discoloured wood. It is possible that you will need to attempt more than one way before you can see improvements. Obviously, the sooner you discover the stain, the quicker it will be to remove.

How To Remove White Water Stains

There are numerous techniques for removing previous water stains. You might have to attempt more than one to thoroughly remove the discoloration.

Cleaners For Hardwood Floors

Products developed to eliminate hardwood moisture stains are available at home maintenance and domestic hardware stores. Spritz these on and wipe them down with a moist towel.

Watermarks Remover

There are various commercial treatments that have been carefully developed to eliminate not just  water marks off furnishings, but also marks due to high temperatures, frost, footprints, liquor, or pens.

Before using, thoroughly read the directions because some need good ventilation while others could be used in enclosed spaces without using appropriate face coverings or rubber gloves.

Oil And Salt Solution

Combine the salt and oils to make a thick paste. Allow it to rest for 20 minutes after gently rubbing it in. Dust the woodwork with a soft cloth after removing the stain. This could also be done with just one couple of tablespoons of salt and a little water.


Combine white vinegar and oils in an equivalent share and wipe this mixture over the grain with a clean dust cloth. After removing the stains, use some other rag to absorb any leftover solution and polish the wood to finish.

How To Get Water Spots Off Hardwood Floors

Baking Soda

Spread a mixture of one teaspoon baking soda with one tablespoon of water directly onto the surface of the stain. Lightly massage with a washcloth. If this effect does not occur, add additional putty and leave it to stay overnight. In the morning, wash it up with a soft cloth.


Put a few drops of mayo on a towel (or an old throwaway t-shirt) and press it against the stain. Leave it to sit for 20 minutes or more without allowing it to evaporate.

If the region becomes dry, use more mayo to keep it damp. Once you’re through, wash it off with a clean soft cloth. You can even incorporate tobacco ashes into your mayonnaise.


For this cure, use whitening toothpaste rather than gel. Apply a little quantity of toothpaste to the spot and carefully wipe with a delicate soft cloth in the direction of the natural wood. Dust after removing the toothpaste with a moist rag. To remove stubborn stains, mix equivalent amounts baking soda and toothpaste.

Eraser Sponge

A Magic Eraser is yet another useful mass – produced gadget. Simply rub the hardwood with a moist eraser, working with the grain. This might have to be repeated multiple times for darker stains. After that, shine the wood as usual.


Apply petroleum jelly on the spot with a towel or your fingertips and let it alone overnight. Following morning, wash it away with the cloth. Another chemical that goes well with tobacco ashes.

Scouring Tools

To remove stains from hardwood, use steel wool that has been treated with lemon balm. Skim in the pattern of the wood grain as normally.

Make certain to have enough citrus oil to keep the wood from scratching. Instead of typical household cleaning wool, use a high-quality steel wool found at your local hardware store.


Eliminate water marks and, strangely, heat marks with a hot iron! Place a heavy piece of cloth over the discoloration and press it with a hot iron. The heat must be adjusted to the minimum setting possible.

Inspect the mark by holding it there for several seconds each time. This might take a couple of minutes for the mark to disappear entirely.

How To Remove Black Water Stains

The most challenging form of staining to erase from wooden flooring and furnishings is black water stains. Such stains appear when moisture has penetrated the surface and into the hardwood. The best technique to remove these stains is to use ordinary or wood bleach solution. 

Making Use of Wood Bleach

You might have to use a specialized hardwood bleach to remove persistent black water marks. Following eliminating the wooden polish, spray diluted hardwood bleach to the woodwork with a paintbrush.

Wait 4 hours for the timber bleach to activate. a cloth to dab a combination of 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar to neutralise the wooden bleaching. Once the stain has worn out, clean the timber and restore it.

Use Regular Bleach

The very first step is to scrape off the wooden finish. If you’re working with antiques, you definitely don’t want to do this because removing the gloss reduces the value of the object. If this isn’t an issue, proceed as follows:

  • The finish on the wood item should be sanded off.
  • For the following steps, remember to wear protective gear.
  • Rub basic household bleaching solution into the spot with an old brush or a bristle brush.
  • Wait 2 hours for the disinfectant to dry.
  • Repeat the process with extra bleach.
  • Leave it to sit for at least one night.

What About Unfinished Wood?

The simplest situation involves removing water marks from unpainted timber flooring and furnishings. All you have to do is lightly scrape the damaged spot using sandpaper. You could also use a towel to dab mild dishwashing soap and water on the spot.

It might be frustrating to have lovely furniture pieces or flooring ruined by moisture. If you use several of the methods listed above, you’ll be able to restore the hardwood to its former glory!