How to Get Spray Paint off the Wood Floor?

Spray paints play an essential role when it comes to home improvement. At the same time, finding spray paint stains on your hardwood floor can be extremely disheartening. However, have no worries. We have got you all covered!

Hardwood floors not only give an aesthetic feel but are an investment in your home. Once you accidentally get spray paint on your wood floor, your next DIY project is just removing spray paint spills from that wooden surface. Here is a comprehensive guide containing some trusted tips about how to get spray paint off wood floor.

Identify the Type of Paint You Are Treating

Firstly, you should identify the type of paint you are about to remove. This will help you choose the appropriate strategies to apply in your efforts. If you have that paintbox around you, check the labels. Moreover, if the stain is old and you have no idea about its composition, try applying acetone to the stain. If it rubs off, it is latex-based, and if it doesn’t, it is an oil-based paint.

Identify the Type of Paint You Are Treating

To Protect the Wood Try the Easy Techniques First

Before going for different spray paint removals, first, you should try the easy and less invasive techniques. Usually, it depends on the type of spray paint in question and the porosity of the surface. Still, you can try “goo” remover such as Goof Gone or Goof Off to test the waters. Who knows? This might do the trick.

To Protect the Wood Try the Easy Techniques First

Furthermore, if your wood surface is delicate, you can start with a simple soap and water solution and a clean rag to remove spray paint. If it is latex paint or water-based paint, it will dislodge itself from the wood surface. Just remember to use warm water as it works better.

These are more practical methods to try out before going to heavy-duty solutions like latex paint remover, acetone, mineral spirits, and other polar compounds, which are more hazardous and need precautions. In this way, you can also prevent your wood floor from stripping by harsh chemicals.

How to Remove Spray Paint by Scrapping?

To scrape away any dried paint stains, you will need a scraper, a putty knife, or any simple straight-edged object like any old credit card or spatula. However, be cautious if you are using a scraper. It is recommended to wrap a rag around the paint scraper to avoid scratching the wooden surface.

How to Remove Spray Paint by Scrapping

Set the angle of the scraper and gently scrape away the paint stain. Continue doing it until all the paint lifts off the surface.

It is recommended to use a circular motion on the paint. This brushing motion lets the solution permeate the layers of paint. At the same time, the gentle pressure with your fingers will remove it.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood with the Help of Rubbing Alcohol and Lemon Juice?

To remove paint using this method, you will need rubbing alcohol, lemon juice, a cotton rag, and a scrubbing brush. To prepare the paint mixture, mix lemon juice and alcohol at a 1:3 ratio in a container.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood with the Help of Rubbing Alcohol and Lemon Juice


  1. Saturate the rag in the mixture we just made.
  2. Apply a generous amount of the mixture on the paint stain and let it soak for a while to soften the paint.
  3. Take the saturated rug and begin scrubbing it in circular motions, back and forth on the paint stain. If the paint is stubborn, you will need to scrub harder.
  4. After successfully removing the stain, take a damp rag to wipe any residue.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood Using Acetone?

Acetone is a colorless volatile compound. It is helpful to remove dried spray paint stains from the wood floors. It works best to remove oil-based paint. However, this method is more suitable for unfinished wood or bare wood.

Tools required are acetone or nail polish remover, clean rag, rubber gloves, and water.


  1. Wear rubber gloves. Next, spread a generous amount of acetone to the dried paint stains on the wood. Make sure the acetone is only in contact with the surface of the paint stains and not the clean wood, and leave it for a while.
  2. Take a new rag and soak it in the acetone.
  3. After soaking, rub the rag on the spray paint stain.
  4. Keep on repeating until all the paint is removed.
  5. Clean the acetone residue and leftover paint with a wet rag.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood with the Help of Mineral Spirits?

Applying mineral spirits can help you thin out the oil-based paint stains and easily wipe them off. For this, you can use denatured alcohol and remove paint stains by following the same steps.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood with the Help of Mineral Spirits

You will require odorless mineral spirits, a clean rag, and a container for this method.


  1. Take a cotton rag and dip it in mineral spirits.
  2. Now wipe away the paint using that cotton rag. It should quickly come off. If it is stubborn, pour mineral spirits directly on the paint stain and scrub it with a soft rag.
  3. Take a dry rag to remove residue of mineral spirits and remaining paint, if any.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood by Heat Gun?

This method is usually for removing thick layers of spray paint stains from wood. It is one of the best ways to soften paint and scrape it off. A hairdryer can also be a solid alternative for a heat gun to heat the paint.

How to Remove Spray Paint from Wood by Heat Gun

Make sure you have leather gloves, safety goggles, and a putty knife in the pantry apart from the heat gun.


Before starting, ensure that the room you are working in has adequate ventilation. Remember to take all the safety precautions.

  1. Wear your gloves, face mask, and goggles. Leather gloves work the best for protection, but you can use normal gloves if you don’t have a pair.
  2. Turn on the heat gun and hold it at least four inches away from the surface of the wood.
  3. Now heat the paint stain with your heat gun. Do a small section at one time. Also, be careful not to hover the heat gun over the same spot for an extended period. It can overheat and ignite the material.
  4. As soon as the bubbles and wrinkles start appearing on the paint, grab a putty knife and gently begin to scrape it off.
  5. If the wood gets overheated, allow it to cool down and wipe the wood with the help of a damp rag.


Now that you have learned various methods to get spray paint off the wood floor, you must have realized that it is quite an easy process. The next time you accidentally get paint on your wood floors, you’ll exactly know what to do and how to do it!