How to Clean Wood Floors with Pine Sol

Typically, hardwood floors are usually cleaned through vacuum cleaning or dry mopping if you’re trying to wipe off the dirt or dust. To keep your hardwood floors around in good shape for a long time, you’ll have to clean and maintain the surfaces regularly. In this text today, we’re going to teach you how to clean wood floors with pine sol.

Therefore, taking care of your hardwood floor surfaces will probably lengthen their durability and help maintain the glowing texture and appearance. Apart from the regular cleaning and vacuuming schedules, some homeowners might decide to get rid of build-up, residue, and stains that might be making the surface look dirty and even worn out. 

Pine-Sol is suitable for cleaning hardwood floor surfaces that have been coated or finished using a protective seal. You can even use it to clean engineered wood floors if the surface is still in perfect condition. 

Is Pine Sol Safe for Engineered Hardwood Surfaces?

Being a water-based cleaner, Pine sol can be used to clean surfaces of engineered hardwood floors. You’re advised to NOT use pine soil to clean engineered wood surfaces that might be worn out, waked, or oiled. 

This cleaning substance is known to be a good extractor for grime, tough stains, and debris on hardwood surfaces. Pine-sol has a few advantages that make it outstanding amongst other cleaning agents and formulas. 

It reinforces your hardwood floor’s finish, and it does not leave any residue on your hardwood surface when used for cleaning. Moreover, this solution doesn’t eat away your floor’s ceiling unlike ammonia and oil-based cleaners. 

Precautions to Consider When Using Pine Sol

In this article, we’ll not only teach you how to clean wood floors with pine sol; but also outline a few precautions every homeowner should consider before and when cleaning your hardwood surfaces using pine sol. Here is the list of precautionary measures to be taken:

Solution Concentration

We recommend you dilute your Pine sol before using it on wood surfaces unless one is trying to remove very tough and consistent stains. You can use the solution in its concentrated form only if you’re getting rid of very tough marks and stains on your hardwood surface. How to clean wood floors with pine oil.

Tools of Application

Whenever you’re applying a concentrated amount of this cleaning solution to any tough stains or scuff marks present on the surface,  we advise you to use a soft sponge to work the cleaning agent. You’re recommended to use a piece of soft sponge so that you won’t scratch the wood floor surface. 

Beware of water pooling.

Remember to mop away and get rid of any flooding or stagnant water on the surface to prevent streaking or warping your hardwood floor surface. 

Tools Required When Cleaning Hardwood with Pine Sol

Before looking at the few easy steps one should follow when cleaning their hardwood floor surfaces, we’ll first begin with gathering the appropriate equipment meant for hardwood floor cleaning. Below is a list of the tools:

  • A vacuum cleaner, dust mop, or broom
  • Either get a conventional mop or microfiber mop
  • A clean towel
  • A sponge or unused toothbrush for tough marks and stains
  • A pair of protective gloves
  • Cleaning detergents are recommended for cleaning hardwood floors.

When choosing a cleaning agent for your hardwood floors, we recommend you purchase Pine Sol which is an outstanding cleaner when it comes to hardwood surface cleaning. You can get various scents of this agent such as Tropical flower, Lavender Clean, lemon Fresh, and Sparkling Wave. 

Choose the best scent for you that will achieve an amazingly clean and fresh smell indoors. The Pine-Sol cleaner exists in two categories i.e. the Original Pine and the “Original Squirt ‘N Mop”  which can be applied directly from the bottle to the floor. 

How to Clean Wood Floors with Pine Sol

Now that you have all the tools and material required for hardwood floor cleaning at hand, we can go through the simple process step by step. Follow the procedure outlined below to clean and maintain your hardwood floor today. 

  1. You’ll begin with sweeping your floor with a good broom or dust mop to get rid of any loose debris and dust on the surface
  2. Add a gallon of water into a bucket then add a ¼ cupful of the Pine-Sol and stir to mix the solution.
  3. Insert a mop into the solution to soak it up and ensure excess water is wrung out of the rag or mop. 
  4. Use the rag to wipe and mop the entire hardwood floor then use a dry rag to dry up the surface. Make sure you mop towards the wood grain pattern to obtain the best results.
  5. If the surface has tough scuff marks or stains that you want to remove, you’re recommended to apply a Pine-Sol cleaning agent directly to the spot with a sponge rather than creating a water-based solution first. 
  6. Remember, to find a dry rag or mop that you’ll use to wipe the floor dry as soon as you’re done with the cleaning process.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

On top of the regular cleaning and Pine sol maintenance approaches on your hardwood surface, you can wax and polish your wood surface to keep them shining. This helps minimize scuff marks and scratches on the wood floor. 

You’re advised to purchase wax or polish meant for hardwood surfaces. In addition, we advise you to always keep your floor clean and good-looking by sweeping, mopping, or even vacuum cleaning to extract dust and debris from the floor surfaces. 

This will help maintain the shiny surfaces since dust and dirt particles result in a dull and dirty floor. Sand and dust particles are known for introducing scratches to your floor especially due to foot traffic from the house’s occupants and family. 

How to Clean Wood Floors with Pine Sol – Final Word

You’re recommended to use Pine sol or other water-based cleaning agents when cleaning hardwood surfaces that have been sealed only. This is because these cleaners can end up damaging your unsealed or worn-out floor surface. 

Therefore, one should check if their hardwood floor surface is sealed first before applying the solution to start cleaning. By now I believe you’ve mastered how to clean wood floors with pine oil, all the tools, and equipment required; as well as the precautions a homeowner should consider before starting your cleaning process.