How to Clean Apartment Balcony Floor

You have a beautiful view from your apartment,  but something is missing – a cleaner balcony floor!  Having a clean and sparkled balcony floor is a simple and quick task that can be done in no time. Follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to clean apartment balcony floor and get that sparkle back in no time.

Materials Needed for Apartment Cleaning

Here are 5 things you’ll need:

  1. Bucket, sponges, cloths, squeegee (available at most hardware stores)
  2. Pine-sol or other brighteners (can be purchased at the grocery store or any drug store)
  3. White vinegar (optional)
  4. Water hose (optional)
  5. Scrub brush/Scraper optional( can use sandpaper instead of purchasing a new one).    

Note: you may want to study the condition of your balcony floor before attempting to clean it so you can effectively determine which tools to use.

How to Clean Apartment Balcony Floor?

Instructions for cleaning apartment balcony floor:

  1. Take off your patio furniture and any other items on the balcony.
  2. Put on some old clothes or an apron you don’t mind getting dirty! Spritz a few sprays of a cleaner such as pine-sol onto the balcony floor and let it sit for a few minutes (this will also help to loosen up grime).  Note: make sure you are wearing rubber gloves during this step, as cleaners can irritate your skin if left on too long without being rinsed off.  
  3. Scrub using a scrub brush or scraper any areas that have stubborn residue build-up from different objects that have been sitting out there for a long time. This may require a little elbow grease, especially if your balcony is exposed to direct sunlight or rain.
  4. While scrubbing, keep rinsing the floor with water and squeegeeing it as you go (this will help reduce the amount of residue that builds up)
  5. Let the floor dry (may take approximately 15 minutes or so).
  6. Once thoroughly dry, follow up by spritzing some pine-sol onto the entire balcony and wiping away any excess grime/residue using a cloth or sponge (be sure to rinse these off in between), and give it one final wipe with a clean cloth for shine!
  7. Optional step: If you want extra protection against stains just follow the same steps but after you have rinsed with water, repeat steps 2-5 with vinegar instead of cleaner.
  8. Remember to always wear rubber gloves when using cleaners!  Additionally, it is best to avoid mopping wood balconies in order to protect the wood from warping or rotting over time.  You can also minimize sweeping by regularly vacuuming your balcony floor or gently scrubbing it using a broom.  Using this method will extend the life of your balcony significantly!

Tips for Keeping Your Balcony Floor Clean

Here are some simple tips on how to keep your balcony floor clean:

  • To avoid scratches or stains on your balcony floor, be sure to keep every item that is stored outside of the apartment in storage bins/containers.
  • Check each container for leaks regularly and thoroughly clean any affected areas immediately with a damp cloth.  

Pro-tip: sometimes stain removal products may not always do the trick for tough stains, in which case you can follow up by scrubbing using a stiff brush or scraper (this should only be done if all other options have been exhausted).   This method is most effective when used immediately after noticing blemishes before they have time to set it.

  • Keep grates over drains cleaned off at all times!     

Note:  if left unattended, dirt and other small particles may be carried away by rainwater draining through the grate.

  • Regularly vacuum/sweep your balcony floor to prevent dust build-up (which can also attract pests like ants).       

Note: sweeping or vacuuming is best done with an attachment that will not scratch or leave swirl marks on your flooring.

  • If you are using outdoor rugs, make sure they are stored inside when not in use.    

Pro-tip: Try to avoid shower shoes as much as possible by wearing flip flops or sandals whenever spending time outside of the apartment!  This includes bringing them along to go to the pool, gym, etc.

  • Invest in outdoor furniture that is fade and stain resistant such as wicker or resin (which can be easily wiped down with a garden hose after use).
  • Make sure all patio chairs/cushions are stored inside when not in use to prevent moisture build-up and mold growth (mold release spores which can make you sick and cause respiratory problems).
  • This method of cleaning is best done on a dry day, but if the balcony floor gets soaked by rainwater it will pose no harm to your hardwood floors since they have been properly maintained!  

However, always wipe away any excess water right away before it has time to get trapped between wood planks or under furniture (which may lead to warping over time).

  • If you are using a broom to sweep your balcony’s floor, do not push excess dirt/debris into an unreasonable area that will be difficult to clean (you may end up causing more harm than good!).  

To prevent this from happening, sweep in the direction of drains if possible since they help direct any excess debris directly outside the apartment.

  • Always make sure to store your mop or broom on a hook near/inside your apartment during non-cleaning days so they do not get stolen!
  • In case you have noticed mold build-up on wooden surfaces try this product: Concrobium Mold Control.     

Note: this is only meant for use on wood surfaces and should NOT be used with rugs or fabrics!

How to Clean Apartment Balcony Floor – Conclusion

If you are unsure how to clean apartment balcony floor, please seek professional advice before attempting anything yourself that may damage/warp the boards over time (the last thing you want is for people to think there’s mold growing under them!). 

If you know what you’re doing however and would rather DIY, try not to use anything too abrasive or that will leave swirl marks on the flooring surface. Good Luck!