How Much Do Wood Floors Cost?

The cost of real wood flooring will vary significantly depending on how much flooring you need, and the type of wood that you choose.

Typically, for each square foot, wood flooring will cost around $7. However, this can increase or decrease and this is just an average price.

Real wood flooring is very durable and tends to be more expensive in comparison to other types of flooring such as laminate.

This is because the materials are more expensive to purchase and work with overall.


What is great about wooden flooring is that it can be refinished and repaired, unlike laminate flooring.

So, while it may be more expensive to purchase outright, it does tend to last far longer, especially when it is cared for well.

The price we have quoted above is typically what the wooden flooring can cost on average. This is just for the flooring and does not include any extra charges.

It is worth taking into consideration that companies will charge for labor costs in addition to this if you are requiring it to be installed too.

The installation process typically involved taking away your old flooring and replacing it with the new. While this does increase the overall costs, it is a professional service.

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How much do Engineered wood floors cost?

Engineered hardwood is a great option to choose from. It is typically less expensive in comparison to the full hardwood floor.

The average price is around $3. However, the exact price will vary depending on the wood you choose and the retailer.

Hardwood is a great and affordable option if you are looking for a hardwood floor, but you are on more of a budget. If you are not familiar with engineer wood, it is a blend of both plywood and hardwood.

The hardwood and plywood are placed in layers and it created a great layer of flooring overall. The wood is typically placed in different directions to create a great overall design.

While the average price is around $3 per square foot, it can range from as little as $2.60 to $3.50. This is just the base price for the flooring, however.

If you want the wood flooring to be installed this will typically incur a labor charge on top of the price.

To install engineered wood, it will cost between $3-5 on average. This labor cost will need to be added to the flooring cost to give you a better estimate overall.

While engineered wood flooring is cheaper than full hardwood flooring, it is still more expensive than laminate flooring.

How much does buffing hardwood floors cost?

The cost of the buffing will vary depending on how much hardwood floor you have and sometimes the type of hardwood flooring too. The national average for buffing typically costs around $1750.

On average it costs around $2.50 per square foot of hardwood floor.

However, this will vary depending on the type of flooring and how much flooring needs to be buffered. It is worth noting that screening can also be used to describe this process too.

hardwood floor

Buffing a hardwood floor is a great way of breathing new life into it before you polish and finish it. It is great if you have had the hardwood flooring for several years and it is starting to look slightly worn.

For reference, if you have a 24×24 room, which is equivalent to 576 square feet, this can cost up to nearly $3000 to buffer. However, a smaller room that is 4×10 and 40 square feet will only cost around $300.

If you are looking to have the floor polished after it has been buffed, the cost of this will need to be added to the overall cost too. Polishing can cost up to around $7 per square foot.

How much does fake wood flooring cost?

Fake wood flooring is typically referred to as laminate flooring. As it is not real wood, it does cost far less than real or engineered wooden flooring.

On average laminate flooring will cost around $4.80 per square foot, however, it can be as cheap as $3.80.

The price of the laminate flooring will change depending on the retailer you choose and the overall quality of the laminate you have.

Laminate flooring is typically made from fiberboard and melamine resin. While it does mimic the look of wood, it is not.

The difference between laminate and real flooring used to be significant, but over the last decade, laminate flooring has begun to look more real. Though, it does have a smoother feel in comparison to real wood.

When you are calculating the cost of laminate flooring, if you are not installing it yourself, you will need to add labor costs to this price too.

Again, the labor costs can vary. Typically, it will cost around $3 per square foot.

When you compare the price and installation of laminate flooring in comparison to hardwood and engineered flooring, it is easy to see why it is a popular option.

It is far cheaper and looks like wood, without needing the upkeep. However, it does not last as many years as real wood flooring.

How much does staining wood floors cost?

It is difficult to quote exactly how expensive staining wood floors are as the price can vary quite significantly. However, on average staining will cost between $3.50 to around $5. This is on a per square foot basis.

The cost will vary for several different reasons. The first reason is the amount of wood you will need staining.

The larger the square footage of the room, the more expensive the cost of the staining will be. In addition to this, some staining is more expensive than others.

If the stain you are purchasing is cheaper the cost will be less expensive. If the staining is custom and high quality, it will cost significantly more money.

There are also many different wood stains available that all have different costs, such as oil-based, water-based, and acid-cured.

If you are looking for someone to apply the staining for you, you will need to factor in the labor costs for this. While some will include this in with the overall price, others will charge separately.

Given this, it is worth calculating the additional costs of this before purchasing the stain.