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How do you get Dust off Hardwood Floors?

It is almost impossible to avoid dust in your home. You will always find it on your floors, walls, windows and other areas regardless of regular cleaning. The problem is when you leave dust to accumulate for long on your hardwood floor and other delicate surfaces.

Dust can scratch the finish of your wood floor thus making it to appear dull and old looking. Dust is also a health hazard to your family and other household members. It is therefore important to get dust off your hardwood floors and other areas in a perfect and timely manner.

Why do Hardwood Floors get so dusty?

Floors are areas mostly affected by dust considering human and pet traffic and all activities taking place here. Dust is also more conspicuous on surfaces such as wood and glass. Therefore, it is evident that hardwood floor will appear dusty unlike other areas.

Despite that, there are many ways to keep a hardwood floor dust free, clean and beautiful. This will have to begin by defending your home against dust through the following tips:-

  • Use rugs: You will found plenty of debris at entryways and high traffic areas of your home. Part of them will then be blown by air or trucked in to other places of your home. Area rugs helps in trapping plenty of dirt and debris. Remember to clean your rugs regularly.
  • Regular cleaning: Often cleaning on a consistent routine will reduce the possibility of dust accumulating and harming your hardwood floors. This can be done by vacuuming, sweeping or dusting.
  • Maintenance of filters: Cleaning and changing of vacuum or furnace filters on a regular basis makes these home appliances to function properly and completely reduce cases of dust in your home.
  • Extend cleaning to problem areas: If you discover dust on your floors, it is possible that other areas such as walls, ceilings, appliances, electronics and other household items are also affected. Therefore, other than cleaning your floors, reach out to such areas and items to ensure they are dust free.
  • Be cautious: Removing your shoes, cleaning pet paws before entering your room greatly minimized transfer of soil and debris inside. Close windows and doors when you suspect them to be entry ways for dust.

How to get Dust off Hardwood Floors Effectively

It becomes easy to get rid of dust from hardwood floors when you use the right technique and tools. Commonly, three devices are used in most American households. They include vacuums, brooms and microfiber mops. Each category of the devices has plenty of variations and therefore need to consider their features and effect on your floor.


Vacuums are great cleaning appliances in many homes. They can be used to clean dust and filter air around. They also have attachments that can be used to clean other areas such as upholstery and above the floor areas.

For a hardwood floor cleaning, you need a vacuum with bare-floor settings that prevents the beater bar from causing any damage to the floor. The beater bar should be far away as possible from your floor.

There are various types of vacuums ranging from corded, cordless vacuums to robotic vacuums for hardwood floors. They differ in specifications, usage and price but they all have a common denominator of clearing dust and dirt debris.


Sweeping is a traditional way of cleaning a floor and can effectively be used to remove dust from your home. Since a traditional broom is seen to only push debris round the floor, more sophisticated and advanced brooms that perfectly cleans have been discovered.

Since you are dealing with a hardwood floor with a delicate finish, not any broom can be used for sweeping. You will need a soft bristle broom that is gentle on floor but tough on dirt. There are also varieties of such cleaners with different features and price as well.

Microfiber Dust Mops

Microfiber is a synthetic material that attracts and trap dirt debris. Mops designed with such materials are great in keeping hardwood floors dust free. Best dust mops for hardwood floors should be lightweight, adjustable and washable.

Best technique

To completely remove dust, you need a good cleaning technique while using any of the above stated methods. Here are the tips:

  • Dust your floor last after other areas such as the ceiling and walls. This will prevent dirt particles from falling back to already clean surface.
  • Always start from the farthest area of the room as you work towards the entrance. This is to avoid transferring dirt in already cleaned areas.
  • Calibrate the room mentally in manageable section if you are dealing with a large area. This will save you energy and help you keep track of your work.
  • Avoid lazy cleaning habits such as dusting around the furniture or other appliances. There is high chances that a lot of dust is settling under the furniture. Attempt to get to such areas and if possible remove the furniture by lifting it off the floor to a different area.

After dusting your home, you need to schedule a deep cleaning process. This should involve use of your best hardwood floor cleaner that is gentle on floor and tough on dirt. Dusting should be done on a daily basis in areas with high traffic while deep cleaning can be done once in a month.


Proper cleaning and maintenance not only make your hardwood floors to look beautiful, but also makes them to last long. Always use the right tool and technique for a good cleaning experience and results.

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