Can You Use a Shark Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors?

The Shark Steam Mop is known for being a powerful cleaning tool, and many people use them to clean floors, windows, upholstery, and more. It converts water to steam so that it can lift dirt, dust, and grime off surfaces, and it leaves them super clean. However, many people want to know if they can use it on their hardwood floors.

The company says that you can use the Shark Steam Mop on hardwood floors, but you need to consider your floors, the type of wood, the sealant used, and other factors first. You need to make sure that the manufacturer says that it is okay to clean your floors in this way. If you aren’t sure, you can find out.

Test Your Floor Before You Start

First of all, if your hardwood floors aren’t sealed, you absolutely cannot use the Shark Steam Mop. Hardwood floors are made of solid wood, and they are hygroscopic, which means that they absorb water. The water travels through the entire length of the wood once it is absorbed.

Sealants are designed to create a protective barrier on wood floors, and they prevent water from getting into the wood. If water penetrates the seal, it will cause the wood to expand, swell, and it can stain the wood. This type of damage is permanent, and you will have to replace the boards.

If you don’t know whether your floor is able to handle the Shark Steam Mop, you should start by taking a few drops of water and dropping them on the floor in one spot. Look at the water and check to see if it beads up and remains on the surface. If it does, then the seal on your floor is working. You should check different sections of the floor, especially if it is an older floor. However, if you notice that the water is spreading out and seeping into the surface of the floor, then the sealant is no longer doing its job. If you are considering using the Shark Steam Mop, you need to make sure that you seal the floor before you use it.

How Does the Shark Steam Mop Work?

When you use the Shark Steam Mop, you can choose between three different cleaning intensity settings. If you are using it on hardwood floors, the best setting is the gentle “dust” setting, which makes sure that the steam is evenly distributed along the surface of the mop and it uses a lower intensity level for the steam.

How Does the Shark Steam Mop Work

The steam is released throughout the mop head, and you push it along the floor. You won’t have a problem with your floors becoming wet because it has a microfiber cleaning pad that absorbs moisture as it moves along the surface. This minimizes the amount of moisture that comes into contact with the surface of your floor.

Another benefit of using this steam mop is that you won’t have to use chemical cleaners because the steam is designed to lift dirt, stains, and grime off the floor. In addition, it leaves the surface dry to touch after you finish. You won’t see any streaking or puddles of water. The mop head is not abrasive, and it is gentle on your wood floors.

Why You Need to Be Careful When Using a Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors

The only time you should consider using a steam mop on hardwood floors is when you are absolutely certain that they are sealed to prevent any moisture from seeping into the wood. However, even then, you need to be careful. Some experts recommend against using steam mops under any circumstances, but others say you can use them as long as you are careful.

Steam mops work by heating up water to very high temperatures and distributing the steam evenly around the mop head. Then, the combination of heat and steam lifts dirt and difficult stains off the surface you’re mopping. The problem is that wood is very sensitive to drastic temperature changes and moisture. This is true for any kind of hardwood.

Using a Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors

The problem with hardwood floors is that they are made of solid wood. One of the main reasons that you seal them is because wood absorbs water. When the wood is part of a tree, the roots take in water and it travels up through the wood to reach the branches and leaves. Hardwood floors are solid wood from trees, and the mechanisms that allow water to rise up from the roots are still part of the wood long after it is no longer a tree.

If you spill water on wood that isn’t sealed, you will notice that it spreads out and stains the wood in a larger area than the original spill. This is a result of the way wood absorbs water and disperses it throughout the board.

Even if your hardwood floor is sealed, moisture can get into the joints between the boards and then get into the wood. It is important to remember to test the floor, and then make sure that you are using the gentlest setting on the Shark Steam Mop. Although the floor should be dry to touch after the mop goes over it, have a soft cloth on hand to make sure it is completely dry.

The second factor is the heat, as wood is sensitive to heat as well. Heat causes wood to expand because it is covered in tiny pores. These pores open when the surface is heated, which is what causes wood stains from hot substances. Even if your floor is sealed, it can be damaged from the heat, so you need to keep it on the lowest setting and don’t linger on any spot.

Final Words

The Shark Steam Mop is a great tool for cleaning a lot of things because it effectively removes tough stains, dirt, and grime from surfaces. It is gentle and nonabrasive, and it can help you keep your home clean. People often want to use it on their hardwood floors. You must make sure that your floors are protected with a sealant that completely prevents moisture from getting into the wood. If your floors aren’t sealed, you shouldn’t use a steam mop.