Can You Put Essential Oils in a Steam Mop?

For those that are asking can you put essential oils in a steam mop? Yes, you can, although you will have to spray the oil into your floor while passing the steam mop over. Nowadays it is very common that people are using essential oils in their steam mops back at home. Although, most people prefer using their own methods to clean their houses. 

Some people prefer their home smelling like bleach so as to confirm that the place is clean while other people tend to use natural means only for cleaning purposes around the house. Down below, we are going to show you how you can easily use essential oils in your steam mop so as to properly clean your home.

When you use the steam mop effectively, not only will it leave your place very clean but also leave it with a very nice aroma. Using the steam mop as you can clearly see is a great method to disinfect the floors. 

This is because it tends to use steam from hot water being produced. Using the steam mop filled with essential oils tends to be more sanitary and faster as compared to regular cleaning of your home. Essential oils do not only bring around a great smell around the house but also kill microbes and bacteria present in your place.

Essential Oil Types

Lemon oil

The lemon oil is definitely citrusy and fresh. It brings around a great smell around the house making it chill for everyone inside. For those asking can you put essential oils in a steam mop, you can definitely put lemon oil in your steam mop and you would be sure that the dirt and sticky residues around your house are removed. 

In case the steam mop back at your home is shampooing along your home’s grout lines, you should be in a good position to use the lemon oil to ensure the grout is lightened.

Lavender oil

Most of the people that tend to use essential oils to clean their respective homes tend to go for the lavender oil option as it brings a very calm and uplifting mood to the place. Those people that have used lavender oil before in their places know that it has a woody and warm scent of which improves breathing and helps those with allergies.

Chamomile oil

Most people tend to use chamomile oil because it is very effective and acts as a good disinfectant. It produces a very calm scent. Most people tend to use this oil type to assist with nerves, nausea, congestion, and breathing difficulties. It has also been said that it can alleviate insomnia.

Eucalyptus oil

Most of the people that have used the eucalyptus oil back at home prefer it because it has a very strong and efficient cleansing odor of which assists remove mildew and mold from the hard surfaces in their respective places. It also assists in disinfecting clothing and also disinfecting various surfaces around the home. 

It is very effective in getting rid of smoke and the smell accompanied by the smoke and helps with coughs. In case you want the air around your place to feel fresh and clean, you can consider using the eucalyptus oil in your steam mop while cleaning.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is commonly used nowadays as it has a woody and medicinal scent that is widely known to assist with skin problems that include eczema and acne. 

For those asking can you put essential oils in a steam mop, you can definitely consider filling your steam mop with tea tree oil, as it is mostly known to aid with a lot of the respiratory problems that include sore throats, congestion, and coughs. In case you want to disinfect the hard surfaces around your house, you can consider using tea tree oil as it is very effective.

Pine oil

Most people tend to prefer pine oil to clean their respective homes, as it assists in clearing air congestion. It also assists those that are faced with certain breathing problems and is mostly known to aid those people with colds and sinus problems. 

The pine oil is very effective in cleaning your home as it acts as a natural insecticide as possesses insect-repelling features or rather properties. For those that do not know, you can actually absorb pine oil through your skin and also inhale it as well.

Can the Steam Cleaner Use Essential Oils for Cleaning Purposes?

As you well know, it is very costly acquiring an expert cleaner, hence you will find out that most people tend to search for other alternatives to properly clean their surfaces and carpets themselves. It is very tiresome and difficult to wash using your hands. 

You can definitely consider using the steam cleaner in order to easily remove germs and dirt around your place. As you well know, the steam cleaner works at high temperatures in order to properly clean your home. The high temperature is crucial as it easily removes stains, germs, and dirt within seconds.

Adding the essential oils to your steam cleaner enhances and improves its working ability to kill bacteria. The essential oils as we have already discussed above, are effective in getting rid of bacteria around your home. 

You should be in a good position to know that the steam cleaner is designed to only use water and adding oils and other detergents will damage it unless the steam cleaner has two separate functions and can easily separate water and oils.

What You Should Consider When Looking for Essential Oils

It is very important that you consider some factors before going to purchase the best essential oil for your place. You should be in a good position to get essential oils of which are refreshing and inviting and safe for use. 

As of now, for those asking can you put essential oils in a steam mop, you can clearly see the benefits of using the steam mop along with the essential oils to produce a safe, comfortable and clean home.