Can I Use Tap Water on My Shark Steam Mop?

The invention of steam mops has made house floor cleaning tasks a piece of cake since this popular cleaning device literally does all the dirty work for you. You can use a steam mop to dry wet floors and clean dirty tiles and floor surfaces instead of going for chemicals which can be hazardous.  Can I use tap water on my shark steam mop? You’ll find out. 

This device operates on electricity fuel which makes it environment friendly. All you need to do is add some water to the mop’s tank which will start heating the water immediately to produce steam which will eventually be used for cleaning. We recommend you use steam mops as your cleaning option since the steam seemingly kills 99% of the germs present on the surface. 

New steam mop users keep on asking, ‘Can I use tap water on my shark steam mop?’ Absolutely, as long as the tap water you’re using is not hard water, your device will work perfectly well.

In case hard water is added to your steam mop’s tank and used for cleaning, your device might start experiencing some issues. You’re recommended to check your device’s manual to see the appropriate water type best for cleaning and compatibility with your device. Hard water can leave deposits of minerals and scales in your device’s tank. 

The mineral deposits and scales on the surfaces of your tank should be extracted since they might hinder the overall performance of your device, thus making it less efficient. We advise you to use distilled water in your steam mop since it doesn’t contain any mineral deposits. 

This will not only keep the interior of your tank clean but maintain the general performance of your steam mop. 

Finding Out if Your Tap Water is Hard or Soft

Can I use tap water on my shark steam mop? First of all, you’ll have to check if your tap water is either soft or hard. This will help you avoid blunders and mistakes that might affect the general performance of your device. 

Hereby, we’ll give you a simple trick that will help you determine if your tap water is safe for use. You’re going to need a gallon of water and some detergent. Upon filing a bucket with the tap water, you’re supposed to introduce the detergent and start stirring to mix well. 

Mix the solution until suds form followed by foam which will produce quickly if the water is soft. If your water forms suds and clear water under the suds, this means that the water is soft. On the other hand, your water might take unusually longer to form the suds and the water underneath has a top cloudy layer of detergents. 

This is always an implication that the tap water available is hard water and thus not appropriate for use in a steam mop. 

Cleaning Tap Water Mineral Deposits

Since human beings are usually prone to error, some individuals might end up using hard tap water inside their steam mop tank. Scales deposits might be a result of this since the minerals will eventually be deposited in the tank’s interior walls. Therefore, we’re going to teach you a simple process for descaling your steam mop’s water tank. Let’s get to it!

  • Mix 1 quart of clean water with either a 1.5oz of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or some descaler from your local store.
  • Add this solution into the empty tank or broiler of your steam mop.
  • Upon introducing the solution, close the tank and switch the system on so that it begins heating immediately.
  • Leave the solution to boil until it achieves maximum temperatures and ensure it stays warm for around two hours.
  • You can now use your mop for around a minute or two before unplugging it then leave it to cool absolutely for three to four hours.
  • As soon as the water cools completely, we advise you to remove the water from your tank by unplugging the drain plug. Rinse or flush the steam mop tank using clean water and then reattach the drain plug to its spot. 

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Steam Mop

Apart from just answering your frequently asked Steam mop question ‘Can I use tap water on my shark steam mop?’; we’ll also give you a few golden tips that will probably lengthen the durability of your steam mop. 

This home appliance required regular cleaning and maintenance to help get the best out of it. Regardless of whether you’re using distilled or tap water for your cleaning, you can use the maintenance and cleaning tips stated below to enhance maximum efficiency. 

  1. Unplugging the unit before cleaning

Before cleaning your steam mop, you’ll have to make sure the required cleaning tools and equipment are present. These tools include a soft piece of microfiber clothing, cleaning detergent/baking soda, and a bucket of clean water as well. 

Hereby, you’ll begin with making sure the steam mop is unplugged and left to cool for around 20 minutes before the cleaning process is done.

  1. Emptying water from the broiler before storing the device

We recommend you empty your steam mop’s tank as soon as you finish cleaning it. This will help prevent mold growth and erosion which might be a result of leaving water in the tank after cleaning.

  1. You should remember to clean the mop pads to reuse them as long as they’re not worn out yet. You can wash them in the laundry machine and dry them before putting them back. 
  2. Scrubbing your steam mop tank to get rid of any mineral deposits or scales.
  3. Make sure you store your steam mop unit properly after use.
  4. You’re advised to remove any worn-out components of the unit immediately to maintain the system’s efficiency. 

Can I Use Tap Water on my Shark Steam Mop – Conclusion

Lastly, we recommend you contact a professional whenever technical attention is required to save your steam mop. There are a few repairs you can perform yourself if you’re able to troubleshoot your device. 

Can I use tap water on my shark steam mop? Yes, you can use any tap water for your steam mop but this bearer of some bad news in the long run. You’re advised to use distilled water (soft water) to keep your device running for a longer time and maintain its efficiency.