Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors [2021 Reviews]

best steam cleaners for hardwood floors

Steam cleaning is a natural — though high-tech — method of cleaning wooden floors by using hot water vapor. Steaming completely removes germs, bacteria, grime, and tough stains that exist on surfaces. A good steam mop should do this without damaging your floor. You should exercise caution when steam cleaning a hardwood floor to avoid water pooling on the floor. Moisture or any liquid can get absorbed into the wood through any tiny openings and crevices on the surface and areas where finish is not consistent. This can cause wood to swell, twist, and warp . We have reviewed the following as …

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Best Hardwood Floor Finish [2021 Reviews & Guide]

best hardwood finishes

There are many different finishes which a homeowner can use to protect the surface of their hardwood floor. A hardwood flooring finish should be effective and durable in order to protect the floor against damage, moisture, scrapes, and scratches. In this guide there are a number of colorful and creative decorative finishes that can be applied to the wood floor to offer protection. By the way, if you need to shop for a broom well suited for only hardwood floors, check out our article now. Hardwood floor finishes comes in various types that include the following: 1. Water-Based Polyurethane Water-based …

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