My Hardwood Floor has White Spots (Stuff): How to Remove

white spots on wood floor

Before you begin to panic over the conspicuous spots on your hardwood floor due to dried-up spills, stains, spots, marks, or scratches, you need to understand that there are numerous options to remove these stains from your beautiful floors. Here are some insights into how to remove white spots and scratches of varied severity from your wood floors. Pay attention to each step and your hardwood floor will look like the white spots or scratches never happened. White spots or black stains damage the appearance of wood floors. Water spills and heat are usually the main causes of these white spots. …

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Is Vinegar Safe on Hardwood Floors?

how to clean hardwood floors with vinegar

Effective maintenance of a hardwood floor is important for its beauty and durability.Though this primarily involves regular cleaning, the use of commercial products can damage your hardwood floors by interfering with the protective finish.The products are loaded with harsh ingredients and free radicals which can wreak havoc on your precious wood. There are only specific hardwood floor cleaners that are gentle on the floor, safe to use, and tough on dirt and grime. They can be costly and it takes time to get the best for your household cleaning. Vinegar is one homemade cleaner that many families use to clean their hardwood …

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Can You Use Steam Mop on Unsealed Wood Floors?

steam mop on unsealed wood floor

Before cleaning unsealed hardwood floors, make sure that you know how to properly take care of them. Unsealed floors, if maintained properly, can have a long lifespan. Proper maintenance may include ensuring that water and other liquids do not stand on the surface of unsealed floors for long. Also, things like spills should be removed immediately by the use of natural cleaners or non-water-based cleaning products. Using a steam mop on hardwood floors is a contentious to point to begin with. While some support steam mops for hardwood floors, others oppose it. However, the decision one must make in this …

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5 Common Questions about Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors

hard wood floors steam cleaner

Hardwood floors are nothing like concrete floors or other nearly damage-proof floors in terms of maintenance and cleaning. If you want to maintain your hardwood floors correctly, you’ll need to have a significant amount of information at hand. One common question we get asked here at WFC Wood Floor Cleaner is about steam cleaning hardwood floors. People ask, well…can you do it? The answer is a resounding “it depends.” In this article, you’ll find answers to the 5 most common questions relating to using steam to clean hardwood floors. Also, here, we discuss what kind of broom you should use, if …

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What to use to clean Hardwood Floors Effectively?

how to make a hardwood floor smell good

Cleaning wood floors surfaces can be an intimidating and overwhelming task, especially if the area is large and you do not have proper equipment. There are two main types of hardwood floor finishes — that is, surface finishes and penetrating finishes.Surface finishes form a protective, waterproof barrier on the surface of the floor. When liquids come in contact with this surface, they pool rather than penetrate the wood. Therefore, it is safe to use water-based cleaning products on them. On the other hand, penetrating finishes easily absorb water, allowing water to warp the wood floors. On these types of floors it is advisable …

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How can I make my Hardwood Floors Smell Good (Fresh)?

how do you make a hardwood floor smell nice

What is causing my hardwood floor to smell bad? The following could be the reasons your floor still smells after washing it: Contaminated water Water can look clean from the appearance when it’s not the case. Badly stored water can have odor due to dirt contamination. Hard water may also contains mineral elements such Sulfur and others that react with the dirt on surface to produce rotten egg smell. Dirty mop Most of us neglect a mop after using it having forgotten that we shall need to use it again. Storing a dirty damp mop will make it smelly and …

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