Best way to Deep Clean Finished Hardwood Floors: Guide

deep cleaning hardwood floors

Proper cleaning adds more life to your wood floor, and simply helps keep it beautiful. It also helps keep your home clean and free from allergens. Deep cleaning your home is a simple way of dealing with allergens, germs, and bacteria that can cause harm to human and pets. In this guide, you’ll learn how to deep clean hardwood floors effectively. The floor is the most exposed section of any home. Think about the daily traffic from both humans and pets, inevitable spills, wear and tear and other mishaps all taking place on your floor. Then think about how valuable …

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Can I use Windex on my Hardwood Floors?

Windex on Hardwood Floors

Many people have been asking if Windex is safe on hardwood floors. To begin with, Windex is a glass cleaning solution that has ammonia and alcohol as its main active ingredients. Ammonia is a wax stripper agent that is commonly used to remove acrylic waxes on hardwood floors. When your floor is exposed to ammonia, it strips off the dry finish and warps the wood. Therefore, Windex should not be used for cleaning sealed wood floor. However, it still has some potential uses for floors, which we’ll discuss below. The Product Product Review Windex Ammonia-Free Glass and Window Cleaner Spray …

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Can I use Murphy’s Oil Soap on my Hardwood Floors?

Murphy Oil Soap on hardwood floor

It’s not a good idea to use oil or wax based products on a hardwood floor. Such products have a high potential of ruining the finish of your wood. They can react with the polyurethane seal, completely destroying it, or create an unsightly, sticky, oily residue that can make your floor cloudy or slippery. The oil can also penetrate the finish to reach the wood and that will make it difficult to re-coat your surface in future. The new finish will not adhere easily and you may be required to sand into the wood or replace it. When you expose …

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What do you do if Water Spills on your Hardwood Floors? (Flooding)

how to save a hardwood floor from water

A wood floor can accidentally get wet or even flooded with water. Quick thinking to mitigate the situation can be important in preventing further damage, as well as restoring your floor. So, what do you do if water spills on your hardwood floor? Water is the mortal enemy of any wood, and in particular hardwood floors. When the two mix the outcome can be devastating. The water doesn’t mind — it’s a one-way rivalry, really. Wood boards are highly absorbent and, when exposed to water, they absorb it, swell, and start warping. The longer there is water-wood contact, the more …

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Can Swiffer Wet Jet be used on Hardwood Floors?

Swiffer Wet Jet Cleaner for HardWood Floor

Swiffer Wet Jet cleaner is a gadget that releases cleaning fluid on a floor’s surface to dissolve dirt or grime. The attached wet pad wipes attracts the dissolved dirt, which it wipes up as you pass over it. Additionally, Swiffer dry refill cloths may be used to remove debris and pet hair before mopping with a wet pad. Now the question is, can Swiffer Wet Jet be used on hardwood floors? According to the manufacture’s recommendation, Swiffer Wet Jet is safe on all finished wood floors — whether using dry or wet refill cloths. The Product Product Review Swiffer WetJet …

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Can you use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean Hardwood Floors?

will hydrogen peroxide damage hardwood floors

Hydrogen peroxide has been used as a cleaning and bleaching agent in homes for years. But will hydrogen peroxide damage hardwood floors? For the love of hardwood floors, no one wants to take chances when deciding on DIY cleaning solutions. Hardwood floors have the unique duality of being tough and delicate depending on the situation. They can easily dull when cleaned with a wrong solution. Therefore, not just any traditional solvent can be used to remove those sticky stains on your floor. Hydrogen peroxide solution is one of the best homemade wood floor cleaners that is effective at cleaning dirt and …

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How do you get Dark Stains out of Hardwood Floors?

black stains on hardwood floor

It can take time to remove black stains from hardwood floors — even ones you are cleaning on a regular basis. It is simple to deal with any regular stain before it penetrates the surface finish and dries in the wood, but difficult dark wood stains require unique methods for removal. Pet mess (urine, vomit, and feces), water spots, ink, blood stains, and food spillage are common causes of dark stains on the floor. Kitchen floors seem to collect the most stains due to food being spilled by kids from a plate or a family member might have a mishap …

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How to Steam Clean Hardwood Floors Correctly

can i steam cleaner on hardwood floors

Steam cleaning is a natural cleaning method used to sanitize surfaces simply — with hot steam from heated water. The steam kills 99.9% of household germs and bacteria. However, we know that water and wood are enemies, so we’re left with a question – can a steam cleaner be used on hardwood floors? As a home owner, it is important to find out if a steam mop is safe for your hardwood floors or not. Wood flooring associations such as National Wood Floor Association (NWFA) and World Floor Covering Association (WFCA) have warned against using steam cleaning devices on hardwood …

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Is Bona Floor Cleaner good for Hardwood Floors?

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner

The main secret of protecting and maintaining a beautiful hardwood floor is to know how to clean it. That means knowing the best products to use and the right tools for the task. Dealing with dirt and grime on your floor can seem like a chore at first. However, using the right tools will give you the ability and confidence you need to keep your floor looking its best. There are many cleaners for hardwood floors on the market and you may be confused as to choosing the best and safest one. We also have a guide for choosing the best …

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My Hardwood Floor Has Cloudy (White Haze): What to do

hardwood floor look cloudy

Cloudy hardwood floors or floors with a white haze is the last thing that any homeowner may want to see in their home. They’ll raise questions about cleaning methods, floor maintenance, and even possible repairs. Identifying the underlying cause of a cloudy look on hardwood floors is usually very important as far as restoring its beauty and luster. Especially, if you want to get the white film off hardwood floors or clean wood floors every day. So, here’s what you need to know about what could cause a cloudy look and how you can fix it. Let us dive in …

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