How do you Remove Dog Hair form Hardwood Floors?

Removing pet hair from wood floors

You cannot avoid hair on your hardwood floors when you have furry friends in your home. It is normal even for a healthy dog to shed some hair on a regular basis. This scenario worsens when your canine is poorly groomed or has a skin infection that triggers regular itching and scratching. Dog owners with hardwood floors sometimes have a tough time cleaning hair and fixing dog scratches on hardwood floors. But for the love of a pet, this has become part of our household chores, and we have to find an easy way of doing it. Dogs enjoy playing, …

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How to Polish Wood Floors – Spruce Up Your Home’s Hardwoods

polished hardwood floor

Regular cleaning removes dirt, germs, and grime from a hardwood. It is also a way of making the floor last longer. Continuous use of cleaning products will eventually dull the finish of your floors and make them look old. So, how do you make your hardwood floors shine and look more beautiful? Polishing is an important part of maintaining a hardwood floor. It adds extra shine, protection to the finish, and longevity. It is the best and cheap alternative to sanding and refinishing where the floor finish is completely removed and a new one is applied. Wood floor polishing helps fix …

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How to Fix Scratches in Hardwood Floors, Gouges and Dents

fixing scratch marks in hardwood floor

It’s not a surprise to find scuff marks in your hardwood floor, especially when you have a pet. A dog with long claws can accidentally scratch your treasured wooden floor. Luckily, if you know how to fix scratches in hardwood floor, which we at WFC Wood Floor Cleaner have lots of experience with, it will take you a couple of hours to restore the beauty of your floor. Apart from pets, scratches on a wood floors can be caused by high-heel shoes, dragging of heavy furniture such as sofas when cleaning, as well as by normal grit and dirt debris. …

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How do you Clean Hardwood Floors after Sanding?

how to clean after sanding

With time, hardwood floors scratch, dull, and begin to look old. That should not be cause for concern, as hardwoods can be replenished to look new again. This is done by sanding off the old top layer and applying a new protective sealant coat, a stain, or paint. This process is called refinishing and it is usually carried out after every between five to ten years of the hardwood’s lifetime. You can do the sanding and refinishing of a hardwood floor on your own if you have some knowledge but it is usually a good idea to hire a professional expert. …

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Can you Mop Unsealed Hardwood Floors?

how to clean unsealed hardwood floor

If you have a hardwood floor in your home, it is important to know if the surface is sealed or unsealed or in other words, unfinished wood. This will help you make the right choice regarding the best method of cleaning, as well as proper care and maintenance of your wood floors. In order to clean unfinished wood floors or fix a stained area, you need to double check if they’re sealed or not. Floors that are sealed have a treated surface with synthetic resins such as urethane or polyurethane. The surface sealants or an oil stain will either cover …

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Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered Hardwood Floors: Things to Know

solid hardwood vs.engineered hardwood

Most home owners have no idea about the difference between solid and engineered hardwood floors. It is very important to know the type of flooring in your home so that you correctly choose the right cleaning and maintaining methods and products, and WFC Wood Floor Cleaner is happy to help. Wood flooring is often installed based on the geographical conditions of an area. It would be a big mistake to install solid hardwood floor in areas with high moisture content, for example. Rather, an engineered hardwood floor will be the suitable choice for such an area. In detail, let’s explore …

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Can you Sweep Hardwood Floors with a Broom?

sweep hardwood floors

Dust, dirt debris, and grime can damage your hardwood floor. Dust particles and debris act as sand paper and keep scratching the protective finish whenever people walk around. Scuff marks and scratches on hardwood floor are difficult to remove. Grime, on the other hand, can react and destroy the wood finish. This will not only make your hardwood floor look cloudy and old but also become vulnerable to water. Dust and debris are also a health hazard: They can cause allergic reactions or harbor house hold germs and bacteria. When wood finish is destroyed or damaged by dirt and debris, water …

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How do you Disinfect Hardwood Floors?

how to sanitize wood floors

We all know that floors can be dirty. That much isn’t news anywhere on the planet. But did you know that a floor can be home to plenty of harmful germs and bacteria? Pet mess, spillages, and soil from outside are the major sources of household germs and bacteria. These potential pathogens love to live on your floor, and are generally poor houseguests. And, like poor houseguests, they don’t go away easily, either. The only way to get rid of them is to sanitize infected areas promptly. Routinely cleaning a wooden floor by simply sweeping helps to remove dust, grime, …

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Dry Mopping vs. Wet Mopping: Understanding the Difference

dry mopping vs. wet mopping

Floor cleaning can be a daily routine especially if you have pets, kids or a high volume of foot traffic. Regular cleaning is also a way of maintaining a hardwood floor. Mopping is an essential method of cleaning in every home. Basically, it involves the use of a mop only or in combination with water or a cleaning solution. Mopping doesn’t usually need to be defined for people, but today we’re looking at some specifics. Mopping can be classified as dry or wet. Let us look at the difference between the two. Let’s Talk Mops What is a Mop? According …

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Is Pine Sol good for Hardwood Floors?

is pine sole safe on hardwood floors

Pine-Sol is a widely used cleaning agent in American households made by Clorox. The formula has been known to clean, shine and disinfect home appliances, walls, floors, and counter tops since 1929, when it was first created. Pine-Sol is still the favorite in many homes and the manufacturers have stated that this product is also safe for cleaning hardwood floors. It is important to be cautious about any product you intend to use on a hardwood floor. There are cleaners that don’t go well on wood floors. Wax- and oil-based cleaners can dull your polyurethane wood floor. Ammonia-based cleaners can …

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