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My name is Olivia Mia, a wife a mother and an entrepreneur. Together with my team we shall be giving you tips on impeccable cleaning for your wooden flooring. This is to ensure your floor remains beautiful, durable and shiny all the time.

Why I created this Website

Wooden flooring is becoming the most popular in homes. It is not only beautiful, but also durable. Impeccable cleaning is one way of taking good care of your soft wood or hardwood flooring. We came to realize that one thing that can ruin the warmth and beauty of your wood flooring is bad cleaning practices. That range from poor cleaning techniques and use of wrong products.

Therefore from our website, you will get insights on the best ways to clean your wooden floors, the best products to use and other caring tips you can never go wrong with. We have used and tested most of the products and methods recommended by us and thus we find it valuable to share with you.

I gained experience in this area from the day my family of 3 moved into an old house. There were scratches all over the wooden floor, lingering odor coming from the carpet in the bedroom and the whole house was just a mess. We tried several methods and products and eventually it paid.

We cleaned the house before we settled in and the wooden flooring really gave us a challenge. We did not give up until we managed to restore the floor. That gave me a motivation to enlighten people on the right thing to do about wooden floor cleaning.

People have been sharing with me the experience they encounter as far as maintaining their wood flooring is concerned. This has made me to gather enough experience and information which I also felt to be important to reach you and my friends.

We also carried out further research and surveys to ensure that the information we provide to our readers is accurate and meaningful. We also relied on online resources and the following websites were of great help in providing further details about hardwood floors cleaning:

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We would like to appreciate and recommend them for the splendid consultancy and information they provide to the readers.

Thank you